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Clas conditions this whole grain too!

Enjoy all the nutrients of freshly milled whole grain sweet brown rice in a wonderfully soft and chewy mochi wrapped around a ball of red azuki bean paste (anko).

Recipe: food geek-  (6/17/23)

Ingredients makes 6-8 mochi

100 gr freshly ground brown sweet rice

8 gr rye clas (2.76 gr rye which is 2.7% total flour, 5.24 g water)

134 gr water (optional add 1tsp fresh sugared lemon zest)

60 gr sugar (1/3 cup)

150 gr red bean paste

Don't forget to brush off the excess potato starch on the finished mochi!

P.S.  This recipe uses more liquid than others and  the hot molten cooked dough will be sticky.  However the resulting dough will be much softer and it also stays softer longer. You can even refrigerate it and it will not be hard. I think an 8-10 sec reheat in the microwave will restore it to very soft. 

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 future bakes...


Stan's Orange Raisin Rye with Clas by Yippee


This is an amazing bake of 100% rye at 98-100% hydration. The total flour is 200 gr of rye of which 20 gr is from clas (58 gr clas). The mix starts off as a terrible sludge that gets better after the first 4 hr ferment. There is significant rise after a 1 hr bulk. The final 1.25h proof yields about a 50% rise after shaping. It used about 7/8 tsp dry instant yeast. As with other high hydration ryes, this dough was pressed in and smoothed over with wet hands or spatulas into a pan (5.5 in diameter and 1.5 in high).

The glaze is brushed on before and after the bake. Just a bit of rise occurred in the bake in the Zojirushi, but notice all the good bubbles in the crumb!

With a little bit more practice in smoothing out the top, pressing the dough into all surfaces of the pan, and baking in a real oven with controlled temps, I will have a terrific gift!! It is a delight to eat and each bite is worth savoring!

Be sure to soak the cranberries and raisins in rum/water.



Dry thin slices until just brittle in 275F oven on a rack. These rye crisps/biscotti are perfect for trail/traveling snacks! So healthy too! :)


Lyubitelsky Rye - ginger, citrus and chocolatey


 Following CalbeachBaker 's great bake of this bread, I gave it a try.

There were some stumbles in what I did, but the color, taste, texture and flavors are very satisfying! Its chocolate looks come from the Bamberg Chocolate Rye Malt. (Be careful that it may discolor parts of the grain mill.)

The recipe is from Ginsberg's NYBakers, here;

the foodgeek recipe with adjustments for clas and freshly milled whole grains is

Use foodgeek calculator to adjust the ingredients by resetting the "Total" with desired weight of final dough. 800g is about 75% of reg pullman pan.

Save time with CLAS: Use clas from freezer instead of getting a rye starter (10-12 hr); for the Levain 6-8 hr was enough instead of 10-12 hr if using a reg rye starter. 

The bake was in Zojirushi Bread machine but the max time limit may not be enough for total dough sizes of 960g and more. The top did "cave" some due to factors like dough weight and varying temps in the Zoji.

Be sure to wait 24 hr before slicing and store cut side down.

It looks like a brownie!!  Slices -1/4" slice, toasted  :)

 Add-ins and flavors: raisins, freshly grated ginger in lemon/lime juice, sugared freshly grated orange/tangerine zest (organic). 









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The recipe for the Borodinsky Bread by Beets & Bones begins with a scald/mash that is very similar to the one in the recipe by rus brot (see YT 9:08)

Here are the recipes:

Beets & Bones: original recipe   (hydration 98%)

     recipe with ingredients adjusted for clas

rus   (hydration 68-70%)

STEP 1: The scald/mash takes about 3 hours.  

From there, both recipes require about 5-6 more hours of preparation before baking.  The Beets & Bones dough is spread into the pan and the rus brot dough is shaped and pressed into the pan (see YT 23:00).

Here is a comparison of some slices from a couple of my attempts:

1) Beets & Bones:

2) rus brot



  • Both were baked in the Zojirushi Bread Machine. Although the temps generated by the Bread machine (in comparison with those of a regular oven) are lower by 50-75F, the characteristic sag of the breads did not occur. I think it is due to the smaller dough amount baked and the round pan yielding slices of medium height (2.5").
  • I used an equal weight of clas (plus 1/2 tsp DIY per 150 gr clas)  for the rye starter in Step 2 of the Beets & Bones recipe.

Textures: 1) soft, chewy and spicy; 2) firm and dense. (The hydrations differ by 30%.)

Neither are pasty or sludge like.



Variation with add-ins:

1. Roast Kabocha with olive oil in the oven and dice into small pieces as an add in. Include sugared orange peel and raisins too!  Mix in with the final dough just before filling the loaf pan. (2023-03-20) 

Inspired by a great post on Polish Pumpkin Rye.


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Clas conditions whole grain dough beautifully for pasta! 

The following recipes use clas as a dough conditioner for freshly milled whole grains.

Basic dough ingredients: clas / flour / salt / water (optional: substitute water with beaten egg). The general composition is-

  • water: about 50-52% hydration
  • flour from clas: 8-13% of whole grain flour


1.  Clas/Flas No Hand Kneading

     Clas Conditions Whole Grain Pasta


2.  Noodles by Yippee:  Spelt/Buckwheat/Durum


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30 hour Borodinsky Bread by rus brot


rusbrot video


Day 1: Prepare clas (24h)

Print personalized recipe from Foodgeek

  • Use Pan Volume (weight of water to fill pan) to determine Total Dough Weight:  


  • Enter Total Dough Weight into foodgeek calculator. 

          Click "OK" for your recipe. 

  • 2 handy Options: "Print" - save  recipe as a pdf; 

          "Link" - sent to the clipboard.




Day 2-3 Timetable:


5 STEPS:   11 hours

See detailed instructions in the recipe.


  • SCALD (2-4 h) 




  • PRE-DOUGH (3 h) 




  • DOUGH (2 h) 




  • BAKE - no steam; (10 min 260C/500F); then (50 min 200C/392F); [alternately: BAKE in Zojirushi].  End Temp: 96-98C(204-208F).


This loaf was baked in the Zojirushi Bread Machine: Preheat 10 min and Bake about 45 min .  



Personal Notes:

  • To adjust the recipe for a fixed amount of clas:  % recipe  = (# gr clas) / 290 gr;  Total dough weight = % * 1793.   The above bake used 120 g clas (previously frozen).
  • Make the scald with the quantities in original recipe.  This bake used 41.4% (220 g) of the scald (533 gr); the rest (313 g) was portioned and frozen for later use and experiments.
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How to Sift without Flying Flour!! (the mesh is 20 holes/inch)


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You can use your own bread pans in the Zojirushi Baking Chamber! 

There is a metal base on which to set your pan or you can insert a rack to lift your pan a bit away from the coils.  The rack pictured has a height of 1.5". The bottoms of pans that rest on this rack will be about 0.5" above the coils.  This is similar to the distance of the bottom of the Zoji baking pan to the coils.




Note: The Zojirushi (BBCC-X20) has a bake setting for a maximum of 70 minutes.  The temperature is fixed. The baking chamber  temperature can fluctuate as much as 60F while the machine tries to maintain the maximum of 400F (204C).  This may seem very detrimental to baking breads, but surprisingly, bakes are quite successful.  The compartment is suitably "snug" for baking and usually no steam is applied other than spraying the top of a loaf before loading.

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Read about rusbrot's  3 Lactic Acid Bacteria Sourdoughs (LABS): CLAS, FLAS, THERMOPHILIC SD(TH-SD) and related Type II sourdoughs.

The slices below result from basically the same 100% lean whole wheat pan loaf formula.

The bake was in the Zojirushi bread machine (~53 min, temps fluctuate from 163-204C/325-400F).

Conclusion:  The crumb are about the same!!






This crumb is from a loaf using the same formula as the loaves above but with Sergey's 4 - Day clas. (See also his Live Journal article.)


Simple 25-75 Whole Rye-Whole Wheat with Sergey's 4 - Day clas. (see also Live Journal article)



Eric's Fav Rye with Sergey's 4 - Day clas. (see also Live Journal article)  25% Whole Rye -  75% First Clear Flour (black caraway seeds)

Baked in Zojirushi. See post here.  (These slices are from the freezer.)




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Recipes by rus brot (please report any errors) 

Recipes on foodgeek calculator can be scaled, personalized and saved.


Tsukatniki with Raisins, 1940 (CLAS)

flours: light rye and first clear flour; solod

recipe Foodgeek:

rus brot YT






Borodinsky Bread in 30 hrs (CLAS)    

(above ZOJI bake: 2023-03-01)

flours: whole rye flour and first clear flour; solod  (68% hydration)

recipe Foodgeek

rus brot YT 



Higher Hydration Version (98%) recipe by Beets and Bones


baked in ZOJI



Salinātā rudzu rupjmaize - most delicious rye bread ever (Thermophilic-sd) (see bake by Yippee)


recipe Foodgeek: coming

rus brot YT








Scalded 100% whole rye bread with Raisins (CLAS!) (see bake by Ilya F.)

flours: whole rye, solod

recipe Foodgeek (Ilya F.-w/permission; thanks!)

rus brot YT:








Šventinė duona - Thermophilic

(above ZOJI bake: 2023-02-09)

flours: white (light) rye, wheat flour T110 (bolted rye used above)

recipe Foodgeek:

rus brot YT


Whole Grain Version: freshly ground whole rye (35%) and whole white wheat (65%) ; hydration (70-73%)- mini Loaf.  Wonderful fragrance and flavor!!

 TFL post:



Simple Wheat Boule-THermophilic SourDough

flours:  bread flour (60% hydration)  

recipe Foodgeek:

rus brot YT:


Loaf Version (80% hydration, 100% fresh whole grains;)

ZOJI Bake: 2023-02 (used 120 g TH-SD)


Square version

ZOJI Bake: 2024-01-16 (used only 55 gr TH-SD)

recipe foodgeek





Wholemeal Wheat Bread Using Liquid Yeast (100% lean whole wheat) (CLAS)

flours: whole wheat

recipe Foodgeek

rus brot YT: 


flours:  100% Whole Wheat flour (62% hydration)

reference350 Varieties of Bakery Products-1940, Plotnikov PM, Kolesnikov M.F. 

Bake from rusbrot YT:




The bake below done in Zojirushi Bread Machine: 2023-03-06 

-freshly milled whole wheat, rye mash; 73% hydration;


 -very  fragrant and flavorful, like Šventinė duona above




 Wholemeal Wheat Bread with scald (100% lean whole wheat) (CLAS)


flours: whole wheat

recipe Foodgeek

rus brot YT: here     

Method: scald, pre-ferment, autolysis; 


Bake from rusbrot YT:






CLAS Enriched Breads

Lemony Kugelhopf (based on recipe by Yippee) (CLAS)

flours: 97% AP flour; 3% rye from clas

recipe Foodgeek

TFL post:

 (above oven bake: 2023-03-26)




Chashu Bow Dough with clas

flours: 95% AP flour; 5% rye from clas

recipe Foodgeek

TFL post:



Breadtopia's Purse Bread Dough  made with CLAS

flours: freshly ground whole white wheat berries and whole chickpeas

recipe Foodgeek:

TFL post:

 (pan loaf baked in ZOJI; 2023-04-15)

 (flat bread cooked on cast iron and stovetop electric coils; 2023-04-17)



 Marble Pita with Bamberg Chocolate Rye Malt (with clas)

 foodgeek recipe

 Make 2 lean doughs:

   -the darker one is colored by Bamberg Chocolate  Rye Malt

    (buy at hobby brewer shops) 

 The basic dough composition is as follows:

   88.7% whole wheat flour

   3.9% whole wheat malt 

   7.4% rye from clas

   80% hydration

   2% salt

   0.3% dry instant yeast






Brown Sweet Rice Mochi

flours: freshly ground whole sweet brown rice, whole rye from clas

recipe Foodgeek 

TFL post:





 Blue Corn / Whole Wheat Tortilla

flours: blue corn masa harina (seca), freshly ground whole wheat flour, whole rye from clas

recipe Foodgeek

TFL post:
















A)  by rusbrot  



a)     general formula for CLAS

b)    preservation and refreshment of CLAS

c)     CLAS baking:  Rye bread  contaning 80-100% rye, 20-00% wheat  with predough and dough fermentations with clas; also (50-75% rye,50-25%wheat), (30-40% rye,70-60%wheat)

d)    CLAS baking: Wheat breads

e)    CLAS in breads with scald and "old dough" in the fermentation





a)    Choices of Sourdough

b)    Refreshing CLAS(KMKZ)





How to make Malt KMKZ (flas)

B)  by Mariana_AGA on Live Journal


Rye in a Bread Machine

Example: "sag" in Zojirushi baked 95% rye-

Thank you Mariana for the explanation!!


C) by Bread & Bread-Artisan Bread

  The ABCs of the home baker. Rye bread.

  Descriptions and pictures of many Russian breads.

  See sidebar for extensive list of breads.



KMKZ -  technique.


 Types of starters. Sourdough on thermophilic IBC. methodology.



D) by The Fresh Loaf 





 Flourless Sourdough Starters





comparing "clas" at 300% hydration (24h) and "flas/Malt KMKZ" (48h)


 Naturally Soured Bread at 90F make flas at lower temp 32C/90F (38h) vs. 43C(48h)



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