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Zoji SD: CLAS - Borodinsky 30 hr by rus brot

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Zoji SD: CLAS - Borodinsky 30 hr by rus brot

30 hour Borodinsky Bread by rus brot


rusbrot video


Day 1: Prepare clas (24h)

Print personalized recipe from Foodgeek

  • Use Pan Volume (weight of water to fill pan) to determine Total Dough Weight:  


  • Enter Total Dough Weight into foodgeek calculator. 

          Click "OK" for your recipe. 

  • 2 handy Options: "Print" - save  recipe as a pdf; 

          "Link" - sent to the clipboard.




Day 2-3 Timetable:


5 STEPS:   11 hours

See detailed instructions in the recipe.


  • SCALD (2-4 h) 




  • PRE-DOUGH (3 h) 




  • DOUGH (2 h) 




  • BAKE - no steam; (10 min 260C/500F); then (50 min 200C/392F); [alternately: BAKE in Zojirushi].  End Temp: 96-98C(204-208F).


This loaf was baked in the Zojirushi Bread Machine: Preheat 10 min and Bake about 45 min .  



Personal Notes:

  • To adjust the recipe for a fixed amount of clas:  % recipe  = (# gr clas) / 290 gr;  Total dough weight = % * 1793.   The above bake used 120 g clas (previously frozen).
  • Make the scald with the quantities in original recipe.  This bake used 41.4% (220 g) of the scald (533 gr); the rest (313 g) was portioned and frozen for later use and experiments.


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Ilya Flyamer

That looks great. How do you like the flavour?

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The texture, I think, is good. But I am not sure what to aim for.

It has a warm taste and not too spicy. (edited)

The flavor is different from what I got on a previous attempt .

Both used the same solod scald and both baked in bread machine. 

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Lots of steps and stages for this bread.  I’d love to know what it tastes like, it looks great.


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It has been 3 days now and some slices have been sitting on the table in a covered container (rest sliced in freezer).  I would say that flavor has improved a lot  and the taste is coming through.  Yes, I am starting to like these kinds of rye-thin plain or with a spread of hummus. The texture is bendable and not dry at all.  I hope to start discerning the features of this type of bread. :)