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Ginsberg Ryes with CLAS

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Ginsberg Ryes with CLAS



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Stan's Orange Raisin Rye with Clas by Yippee


This is an amazing bake of 100% rye at 98-100% hydration. The total flour is 200 gr of rye of which 20 gr is from clas (58 gr clas). The mix starts off as a terrible sludge that gets better after the first 4 hr ferment. There is significant rise after a 1 hr bulk. The final 1.25h proof yields about a 50% rise after shaping. It used about 7/8 tsp dry instant yeast. As with other high hydration ryes, this dough was pressed in and smoothed over with wet hands or spatulas into a pan (5.5 in diameter and 1.5 in high).

The glaze is brushed on before and after the bake. Just a bit of rise occurred in the bake in the Zojirushi, but notice all the good bubbles in the crumb!

With a little bit more practice in smoothing out the top, pressing the dough into all surfaces of the pan, and baking in a real oven with controlled temps, I will have a terrific gift!! It is a delight to eat and each bite is worth savoring!

Be sure to soak the cranberries and raisins in rum/water.



Dry thin slices until just brittle in 275F oven on a rack. These rye crisps/biscotti are perfect for trail/traveling snacks! So healthy too! :)


Lyubitelsky Rye - ginger, citrus and chocolatey


 Following CalbeachBaker 's great bake of this bread, I gave it a try.

There were some stumbles in what I did, but the color, taste, texture and flavors are very satisfying! Its chocolate looks come from the Bamberg Chocolate Rye Malt. (Be careful that it may discolor parts of the grain mill.)

The recipe is from Ginsberg's NYBakers, here;

the foodgeek recipe with adjustments for clas and freshly milled whole grains is

Use foodgeek calculator to adjust the ingredients by resetting the "Total" with desired weight of final dough. 800g is about 75% of reg pullman pan.

Save time with CLAS: Use clas from freezer instead of getting a rye starter (10-12 hr); for the Levain 6-8 hr was enough instead of 10-12 hr if using a reg rye starter. 

The bake was in Zojirushi Bread machine but the max time limit may not be enough for total dough sizes of 960g and more. The top did "cave" some due to factors like dough weight and varying temps in the Zoji.

Be sure to wait 24 hr before slicing and store cut side down.

It looks like a brownie!!  Slices -1/4" slice, toasted  :)

 Add-ins and flavors: raisins, freshly grated ginger in lemon/lime juice, sugared freshly grated orange/tangerine zest (organic). 










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Wow does that ever look rich and inviting, very nice bake.  I do like the additions you made to this, the ginger, lemon lime along with the orange/tangerine zest all sound like it would make this bread even better.


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Hi Benny,

You are a funny person to say "rich"! Your desserts are tops!

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Looks like you've embraced Rye flour. Did you add any solod?

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Hi Ron,  

Yes I very much like dark ryes and no on solod in that recipe.

I save my solod and clear flour for special bakes. In experiments for getting a dark looking rye, I just use Bamberg's chocolate roasted malt.


I just did a rye/ww yesterday that Ryebread explained: do a  12 hr ferment of just the rye (I included a bit of clas and a pinch of diy for his rye sour) and then the dough assembly that followed the next day was only 4 hrs of work. I put in my last bit of sugared satsuma plum as an add-in and it was oozing red after the bake! So fun to see and eat!  ( I gently placed the plums in and laid dough around it before the bulk.)

How's all the work you've been doing? Please show your rye bakes!! I have never gotten a free form to rise and spring like the loaf you did a while back.