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56th bake. 08/27/2021. 100% WW tortilla - focaccia dough.

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56th bake. 08/27/2021. 100% WW tortilla - focaccia dough.

August 27, 2021. 56th bake. 100% WW tortilla / focaccia dough.

I usually don't blog my tortilla "bakes," but this came out good enough to document so I can remember it and share.


53 grams Patel brand stone-ground whole grain durum flour, product of Canada. 25%

53 grams Swad brand Sharbati Gold whole wheat flour, product of India. (I have some doubt as to whether this is 100% whole grain.) 25%

106 grams Bob's Red Mill stone-ground whole wheat (hard red wheat), product of USA.  50%

Total flour: 212.

4.6 grams Himalayan pink salt.  2%

1/16 tsp instant dry yeast, Fleischmann.

1/4 tsp baking powder, Rumford.

143 grams bottled spring water.  143 / 212 = 67% hydration.

Mixed and then kneaded for about 3 minutes. Finished kneading at 5:50 pm.

Let it rest 1 hour 15 min.

7:05 pm, worked/kneaded in 6.3 grams of grape seed oil. 3%  

The reason I let it rest before adding oil is that oil interferes with how the whole grain durum absorbs water.

7:12 pm, covered bowl with cling film and placed in fridge.

Left it in fridge overnight.

Next day, 8:00 am. Weighed out a 50 gram piece of dough.

Flattened it a little by hand, dusted both sides with AP flour to keep things from sticking, and rolled it out to about 7.5 inches, or 19 cm.

Cooked it on a cast iron griddle at medium-low heat,  until brown spots appeared, flipped, and cooked 2nd side until brown spots appeared.

Put in a plastic tortilla warmer for moisture to equalize and for it to soften.

After about seven minites, it was nice and soft.

I forgot to take pics.

This combination of baking powder and yeast seems good for flat bread.


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Kept in fridge for two days, still good.

And I still keep forgetting to take pics.

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It didn’t happen unless there is photographic evidence Dave. 😉