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Mixed Dec. 14, 2019.  Baked Dec. 15, 2019.

Mostly the same as #11, 75% home-milled whole grain (mostly Prairie Gold), 25% King Arthur All Purpose. But this time reduced levain to 7% prefermented flour.  3 hour bulk ferment, overnight in fridge.   Dusted in a combo of whole brown rice flour and ground chia seed.  Baked at same oven temps, but an extra 10 minutes, to an internal temp of 210.4 F.

Did not get much oven spring, but crumb was still excellent.  


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Goals: 2.25 pound dough, 1027 g.  75% whole grain hard white spring wheat (Prairie Gold), 25% King Arthur All Purpose, 85% hydration, 10% prefermented flour,  2% salt.  Make a 88% hydration soaker with the coarse home-milled Prairie Gold, but not the AP flour.

1027 / 1.87 = 549 g total flour.     549 * .85 = 466 g total water.   549 * .02 = 11 g salt.

549 * .10 = 55 g flour in levain.   100% hydration levian :  55 g water in levain : 110 g total levain.

Levain is all HWSW, Prairie Gold.

549 total flour - 55 flour in levain = 494 g flour to mix in.

466 total water - 55 water in levain = 411 g water to mix in. less 27 g water held back for salt = 384 g water for initial mix.

549 total flour * .25 = 137 g King Arthur AP flour.

494 g flour to mix in, less 137 g AP flour = 357 g Prairie Gold.

357 g  Prairie Gold * .88 hydration = 314 g water for soaker,


6:06 pm: Made soaker of 342 g Prairie Gold, 15 g home-milled Kamut (ran out of PG), 314 g water.

(384 g water, calculated above for initial mix, less 314 g water in soaker = 70 g water needed at this stage.)

7:10 pm:  Mixed soaker, 110 g Levain, 137 g KA AP flour, 70 g water. Levain wasn't ripe, so added 2.7 (1/2 percent) of Instant Dry Yeast, 

8:05 pm: folded in 11 g salt and 27 g water. Dough firmed up nicely,

8:50 pm: Stretch and fold.

9:45 pm: dough was ready, probably didn't need the instant dry yeast. folded/shaped, dusted, put it in a lined banneton dusted with rice flour and wheat flour, and put in fridge.


Dec 5th, 2019.

7:28 am: slowly pre-heated oven. 495/475* F.

9:09 am: Dough was definitely over-proofed. Should not have added the instant yeast.  Put boule in pot part of Lodge 3.2 qt combo-cooker. Bottom of pot lightly oiled and sprinkled with corn meal. Seam side of dough sprinkled with corn meal, and covered with 8" diameter circle of parchment paper. Flipped into pot. Scored.

Dough deflated a lot when scored, more evidence of over-proofing. Man, that Carl's starter is powerful. Definitely did not need to add the commercial instant yeast.  Note to self, reduce PPF from 10 to 8 percent.

9:12 am: Bake covered, @  495/475 F, 10 minutes.

9:22 am: Bake covered, @ 475/455 F, 10 minutes.

9:32 am: Bake covered, @ 430/410 F, 11 minutes.

9:43 am: Uncover, bake @ 400/380 F, 30 minutes.

Did not get good oven spring.

10:13 am: take out, internal temp = 207 F.  Put back in, bake @ 400/380 F for 10 more min.

10:23 am: take out, internal temp 208.8 F.  Good enough.

Total bake time 71 minutes.

* First number is thermostat setting, second number is actual temp.


Let cool 2 hours. Cut and ate some. Nice and soft, definitely less dense than my normal 90-100% whole grain loaves.  Crumb is still very good despite lack of oven spring.


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10th TFL bake. Dec. 2, 2019.

Goals: 1200 g boule, all but 30 g flour to be whole grain.  90% hydration, 2% salt, 10%  pre-fermented flour, levain at 100% hydration.  30 g store-bought quinoa flour for flavor, 30 g King Arthur All Purpose flour for helping with crumb stucture, 100 g coarse home-milled Kamut, the rest coarse home-milled Prairie Gold Hard White Spring Wheat. Levain to be mostly Prairie Gold, based on Carl's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough culture.  Use 1/8 of a tablet of 500 mg vitamin C ~ 62.5 mg vit C, which worked out to 100 parts-per-million of the flour, about 3 times what is called for, but I was too lazy to sub-divide the tablet further.

Levain was fed yesterday, and again today.  It orignally was a mish mash of flours, but these two feedings were home-milled PG only.  I was pressed for time, so I added 1/2 tsp of dry malt extract (maltose) to the levain when I last fed it, in order to hurry it along.

1200 g / 1.92 = 625 g flour.  -  - -   625 * .90 = 562 g water.

625 * .10 = 62.5 g flour in levain,  so also 62.5 g water in levain.  Total levain at 100% hyd = 125 g.

625 * .02 = 12.5 g salt.

625 g total flour - 62 g flour in levain = 563 flour to mix.

562 g total water - 62 g water in levain = 500 g water to mix.  minus 15 g hold back #1 , minus 30 g holdback #2 = 455 g water.

563 g flour to mix - 30 g quinoa flour - 30 g KA AP flour - 100 g Kamut flour = 403 g Prairie Gold.

11:58 am: Mix: 403 g PG, 100 g Kamut, 1/8 tablet vit C, 455 g cheap bottled spring water.  Let the coarse milled grain soak 1 hour 35 minutes.

1:33 pm: Fold in: 30 g store-bought quinoa flour, 30 g KA AP flour, 125 g room temp levain, 15 g hold back water #1.

2:22 pm: Fold in: 12.5 gr salt, 30 g hold back water #2.

3:06 pm: Stretch and fold.  Then left to go shopping.

4:46 pm: Stretch and fold.

5:35 pm: fold, shape, put in dusted lined round banneton, 8" inner diameter at rim.  Used rice flour, KA AP, and BRM WW pastry for dusting,

5:46 pm: the boule was near proofed at fold/shape stage, it was a fast ferment, so I put it in fridge covered in plastic grocery bag.

6:51 pm: pre-heated oven to 495/475* F.

7:30 pm: Lightly oiiled the inside bottom of the deep part of a Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker.  Sprinkled corn meal on the oil. Sprinkled and lightly rubbed corn meal on the up side (seam side) of the boule in the banneton.  Covered the boule (still in the  banneton) with an 8" diameter circle of parchment paper.  Inverted the oil/cornmeal coated pot over the banneton, and then flipped them over, dumping the boule into the pot.  Scored the boule with a razor blade, first a circle around the circumference as close as I could get to the side of the pot. Then scored  an X on top.

7:32 pm: bake, covered at 495/475* F for 5 min.  The rack below the rack holding the combo cooker has a baking stone to shield cooker from direct radiant heat of the oven's bottom heating element.  Both the baking stone and the combo cooker were pre-heated.

7:37 pm: reduce thermostst to 475/455* F, continue baking for 10 minutes. Pot still covered with skillet/lid.

7:47 pm: reduce thermostat to 430/410* F, continue baking for 15 minutes, Pot still covered,

8:02 pm:  Reduce thermostat to 400/380* F, remove cover. Baked for 41 minutes more.

8:43 pm:  Top of loaf looked done, so I decided to check internal temp of loaf.  210 F, perfect!  

Total bake time: 71 minutes.

Got oven spring on  both the circumferential score, and both legs of the X.  Looks nice!  The expanded sections  in the opened score lines have that rough, brown and delicious look.  Will post photos when I get a new computer.

Gonna wait until tomorrow to cut open.  Looks so good I called a neighbor-friend to show it off, but he was not available.

I let it cool upside down for two hours, covered only with a paper towel, then I put it to bed overnight in a 1 gallon zipper seal plastic bag, propped up so the loaf was on its side.  The 1200 g (weight of raw WW dough) baked in the deep part of 3.2 qt combo cooker, with 8" internal bottom diameter, makes the maximum size loaf to fit uncut into the 1 gallon plastic storage bag.


* First number is thermostat setting, second number is actual temp according to a cheapy oven thermometer.


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Goals: 90% whole grain, 1 kg of dough,  88% hydration, 1.9% salt, 10% pre-fermented flour.

Nov 28, 2019.

6:05pm, intitial mix:  363 g home milled Prairie Gold HWSW, 65 g home milled Kamut, 50 g King Arthur unbleached all-purpose flour 11.7% protein, (478 g flour so far), 394 g water, 15 g vital wheat gluten, 1/8th tablet of 500 mg vitamin C.

(Just now noticed that I did not include the VWG in the total flour.)

7:09pm, folded in: 109 g of 100% hydration levain.  Was fed previous day, and two days before that, and spent the last 24 hr in fridge.  Levain is a mish-mash of King Arthur unbleached AP flour, Prairie Gold, and BRM whole wheat pastry flour.

 Flour now: 532.  Water now: 448.  Hydration now: 84.2%.

Assuming 18 g AP flour in the levain, and the rest is whole grain, then whole grain percentage is 87.2%.

7:39pm: stretch and fold.

8:09pm: added 20 g water and 10.1 g salt via stretch and folds.  Was too aggressive and tore the dough some.

Note:  need to up hydration to at least 90%.

Flour: 532 g. Water: 468 g. Hydration: 87.97%.  (Update:  only 85.55% counting the VWG.)

Total weight: 1025 grams, less what stuck to mixing bowl, plus flour used for dusting, and what adhered from banneton.

8:45pm: shaped, dusted with mix of  rice flour, AP flour and WW pastry flour, put in lined/dusted banneton, covered and into fridge.  Should have bulk fermented more, but wanted to get to bed.

Nov 29, 2019.

9:21am: warmed up oven and Lodge 3.2 qt combo-cooker dutch oven at 495/475*.

10:23am: Lightly coated inside bottom of pot (not the lid/skillet) with avocado oil, dusted it with corn meal. Dusted seam side of dough ("up" side as it sat in the banneton) with corn meal. Placed a circle of parchment paper over the corn meal on the dough.  Inverted the cast iron pot over the banneton and rotated them so the dough plopped into the pot.  Made a shallow X score on top of the dough ball in the pot.

Note: as it was too under-fermented, and likely under-hydrated, scoring should have likely been deeper.

10:27am: start bake, covered, 475/455* F.    15 minutes.

10:42am: reduce oven thermostat to 430/410* F, pot still covered.  15 minutes.

10:57am: uncover, reduce oven thermostst to 400/380* F.  50 minutes.

11:47am: Remove from oven.  Internal temp = 210.7 F.

Total bake time: 80 minutes.  (30 min covered, 50 min uncovered.)

* First number indicates oven thermostat setting, second number is actual temp according to a <$5 oven thermometer.


1:27pm: cut open.  Crumb not very open, but open enough and light (not dense) for a 90% whole grain loaf.  Taste is not as good as previous bakes, probably due to insufficient bulk ferment, and not using any rye flour.




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1:?? pm.  Initial mix, no measuring, just by eye. Prairie Gold, Kamut, ground chia seed, 1/10th of a 500 mg vitamin C tablet, no salt yet.  About 1.5 hours autolyse.

3:05 pm. Added 160 g of 100% hydration levain. Still no salt.

3:45 pm. Stretch and fold.

4:05 pm. Folded in 11 g pink Himalayan salt.

6:08 pm. Folded, dusted, put in lined banneton.   About 3 hours bulk ferment: 3:05 - 6:08 pm. 1233 g final weight, 2.72 pounds.

8:19 pm. Pre-heat oven to *495/475 F.   Also pre-heat the Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker.

6:08 - 9:06 = about 3 hours final proof.

9:06 pm. Bake covered at 475/455.   15 minutes.  Put dough in pot part, with skillet as lid, scored.

9:21 pm. Still covered, lower oven temperature to 420/400. 15 minutes.

9:36 pm. Uncover, set temp to 400/380.  25 minutes.

10:01 pm. Take temp: 210 F. Done!  Thumps nicely.

Final weight: 1103 g.  2.43 pounds.

Total bake time: 55 minutes.   * =  First number  is oven setting, second number is actual temp.

Let sit overnight in a paper grocery bag.


About 8:00 am, cut open.  Not as much rise as I had hoped for.  I probably did not let the starter develop enough after feeding, or should have used more starter.  Crumb is tender, just the right amount of sponginess, not too dense. Plenty of small holes,

Approximately 50 mg of vitamin C worked fine.

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7th TFL Bake, Nov. 6, 2019.

452 g Prairie Gold, HWSW, home-milled coarse.

134 g Kamut khorasan wheat, home-milled coarse.   (586 g flour so far.)

1/4 tablet of 500 mg vitamin C

473 g water.  Initial hydration: 473 / 586 = 80.7%

Mix at 10:55 am.

Autolyse time: 2 hrs 10 min.

1:05 pm. Add 190 g Levain, at 100% hydration.  Levain is mish-mash of BRM dark rye, BRM WW pastry flour, PG, Kamut, white rice flour, and about 1 tsp each of BRM 1-to-1 GF flour, maltodextrin, dextrose, and dried malt extract.  I was running late on building up the starter into a fresh levain, so I added the sugars to hurry things along.

Flour so far:  586 + 95 = 681 g.

Water so far: 473 + 95 = 568 g.

Hydration so far: 568 / 681 = 83.4%.

Percent Prefermented Flour, PPF: 95 / 681 = 13.95%.

1:42 pm. Stretch and fold.

2:28 pm. Stretch and fold.

2:53 pm. Added/folded in 13.3 g salt (1.95%) semi-dissolved in 20 g water.

Final hydration: (568 + 20) / 681 = 86.3%

Final weight:  588 + 681 + 13 = 1282 g = 2.82 pounds

Bulk ferment:  2 hours, 40 min.  (1:05 - 3:45)

3:45 pm. Passed window-pan test. Folded and rested.

3:55 pm. Dusted and put in floured (50/50 white rice flour and WW pastry flour) and lined banneton.

Room temp proof: 1 hour, 12 min. ( 3:45 - 4:57)

4:57 pm. Put in fridge.

7:57 pm. Pre-heat oven to *495/475.   (First number is oven setting, second number is actual.)

Cold proof: 3 hours, 54 min. (4:57 - 8:51)

Total proof: 5 hours, 6 min. (3:45 - 8:51)

8:51 pm. Bake in combo cooker, pot as bottom, skillet as top, covered, 470/450, 15 minutes.

9:06 pm. Still covered, lower temp to 430/410.  16 minutes.

9:22 pm. Uncover, lower temp to 420/400.  14 minutes.

9:36 pm.  Still uncovered, lower temp to 400/380.  27 minutes.

9:58 pm. Internal temp: 209.5 F.  Put back in oven.

10:03 pm. Took out. Temp still 209.5 F.  Call it done.

Total bake time: 1 hour, 12 minutes. (8:51 - 10:03)


That Vit C really made a difference, giving a good balance of extensibility to elasticity of the dough. And allowed that to occur at a lower hydration so that it did not take too much time to bake off the moisture.

I credit the Loafers in general, and DanAyo in particular, in encouraging me to precisely measure and record hydration, to use 14% prefermented flour, and to try out vitamin C.


Not a big oven spring, not an impressive bursting score line, but it finished baking in 74 minutes, ten minutes quicker than previous bakes, probably because of less water to cook off.

I'm still going to have to experiment with autolyse, bulk ferment, and final proof times, in order to get better oven spring.

More importantly, the crumb, while not Instagram-worthy, was still light  and airy enough, that a non-baker would not guess that it was home-milled near 100% whole-grain.


I've also come to learn that you can't skimp on salt with 100% whole-grain.  I was trying to go low-sodium with 1.6% salt.  But 2% salt is needed for dough development when using near 100% whole grain.


I've also concluded that Kamut doesn't go well with hard white spring wheat, in terms of taste.  So I'm going to try mixing in some hard red spring wheat, instead of Kamut, for flavor.  And then try a separate loaf of 100% Kamut.  I do like Kamut for flat breads, which durum is known for.  Kamut is very very close to durum, genetically, and in baking characteristics.



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This is a batch of wet dough from which I usually make 4 to 5 flat breads.  Tip o' the hat to Jeffrey Hertzberg and Zoe Francois:

I bake these on a cast iron griddle or pan or skillet in my toaster oven.  Either a Lodge 9.25" round handle-less serving-griddle/plate, or a Lodge 10.25" cast iron pan with 2 loop handles which fits diagonally, or a Lodge 8" cast iron skillet with a regular long handle.  I use the 10.25" pan or 8" skillet if I want to cover it with aluminum foil, which I sometimes do when baking a thick flatbread, such as bannock.

I mixed this in the 4 liter plastic tub which will be stored in the fridge.

  • 200 g coarse home-milled Prairie Gold, HWSW.
  • 50 g coarse home-milled Kamut.
  • 32 g whole wheat pastry flour, Bob's Red Mill.
  • 52 g brown rice flour, whole grain, Bob's Red Mill.
  • 25 g coconut flour.
  • 22 g tapioca flour/starch, finely ground, Bob's Red Mill.
  • 32 g coarse home-ground yellow millet, purchased whole, either Bob's Red Mill, or bulk bin at Market District (Giant Eagle).
  • 30 g coarse home-ground flaxseed. From a bulk bin at Fresh Thyme.

443 g total, if I added right,

1/2 tsp of Guar Gum.

2 tsp of instant yeast.

8.9 g hickory smoked salt.  2% of 443.

386 g water, but I added more later.  I neglected to weigh the water that I added later, but the total would be at least 90% hydration, likely more. You need enough moisture to keep from forming a dry skin on the dough mass when it's in the fridge for a few days.

To bake, I pull out a handful of dough, and stretch/form it out by hand to a 7" to 9" circle, depending on what I want in terms of size, and what baking vessel I'll use.  Sometimes I cook it right away, sometimes I'll let it come up to room temp, sometimes I'll let it proof until mealtime. 

Baking temp is 400 F.  375 or 350F for thicker breads.  I use both top and bottom elements (TOAST) setting to  pre-heat the toaster oven, but then select only the bottom element (BAKE) for the bake.

I have only one rack for the oven, but there are two rack positions available. I bake it on the upper rack.  It's a cheapy Ambiano brand from Aldi.

The heating elements have aluminim guards on them.  I place a 9" round cordierite baking stone directly on the guards over the lower elements so that the baking vessel does not get much direct radiant heat.  WIthout the baking stone for "shade", the bottom of the bread browns up too fast and too dark.

It takes about 14 minutes per side, 28 minutes total.  

I tasted too much guar gum in this batch.  Either that or the hickory smoked salt doesn't bake well.


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6:45 pm.  Mixed:

480 g home-milled, coarsely ground Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat, HWSW, grown by Wheat Montana.

3 g malted flour, Rahr Malted Red Wheat, home-milled, coarse, from whole grains purchased at brewer's supply.

36 g home-milled, coarse, Kamut.

Initial flour: 519.

Initial water: 412 g.  Initial hydration during autolyse: 412/519 = 79.38%

7:55 pm. Mixed in levain:  (Original culture from Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter.)

164 g levain, at 100% hydration. = 82 g flour + 82 g water.

total flour = 601 g.  total water so far = 494 g.

hydration so far: 494 / 601 = 82.19%

Percent Prefermented Flour: 82/ 601 = 13.64% 

9:15 pm. Mixed in salt and water: 

11.2 g salt.  11.2 / 601 = 1.86%

13.0 g water.

Total water = 507 g.

Final hydration: 507 / 601 = 84.35%

9:45 pm. Stretch and fold.

10:07 pm. Stretch and fold.

10:40 pm. Fold, shape, dust, put in lined banneton dusted with rice flour.  Cover in plastic bag. Put in fridge.

Bulk ferment time: 7:55 pm - 10:40 pm = 2 hrs 45 minutes.

Total weight: 601 g flour + 507 g water + 11.2 g salt = 1119.2 g = 2.46 pounds.


9:15 - 9:30-ish am.  Pre-heat oven and combo cooker to *495/475.   15" diameter baking stone is on the rack below the rack where combo cooker sits.

10:12 am. Load onto pot (not skillet/lid) of Lodge 3.2 qt cast iron combo cooker. Bottom of pot is lined with parchment paper on top of corn meal. Score.

Cold proof time: 10:40 pm - 10:14 am = 11 hrs 34 min.

10:14 am - 10:29 am. Bake covered at *475/455 F.   15 minutes

10:29 am - 10:44 am. Bake covered at 420/400 F.  15 minutes.

10:44 am. - 11:28 am. Bake uncovered at 400/380 F.  44 minutes.  

Total bake time: 74 minutes. 

Internal temp at 11:14 (after 30 minutes uncovered) = 208.6 F.

final internal temp = 209.5 F.

* Oven thermostat is off by 20 degrees. 1st number is my oven setting, 2nd number is actual. 

Got some oven spring, but still not as much as I want.

Final weight of loaf after 2 hour cool: 915 g.  915 / 1119.2 = 81.75%.   Reduction = 18.25%. 


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Friday, Oct 25, 2019.

7:33 pm. Mixed 650 g of home-milled Prairie Gold flour, hard white spring wheat, 36 gram unrefined granulated cane sugar, 559 g bottled spring water. 86% hydration so far.

8:30 pm. Folded in 10 g home-milled malt flour (purchased malted wheat berries from a brewer's supply), and 27 g of Bob's Red Mill Dark whole-grain rye flour. Total flour so far: 687 g.  81.36% hydration so far.

Autolyse time: 1 hour. (7:33 pm to 8:33 pm.)

8:33 pm. added 194 g of 100% hydration starter. (97 + 97)  Flour in starter is a mix of whole wheat pastry, whole grain rye, and Prairie Gold.  Total flour: 784 g. Total water: 656 g.  83.67% hydration so far.

9:45 pm.  Stretch and fold.

9:47 pm. Folded in 14.9 g Himalayan salt, dissolved in 14.5 g water. Total water: 670.5 g.

Final hydration: 85.52%.    --- Total weight: 1469.4 g = 3.2 pounds.

Percent Prefermented Flour:  97 / 784 = 12.37%.   Miscalculated a bit. I was intending to get 14%.

10:22 pm. Stretch and fold.

10:55 pm.  Fold, shape, dust with whole wheat pastry flour and white rice flour, put in banneton, put in fridge.

Bulk ferment time: 2 hours, 22 minutes.  (8:33 pm to 10:55 pm.)

Sat, Oct 26, 2019.

8:06 am. Take out of fridge, to warm up. 9 hours, 11 minutes cold ferment.  

9:34 am set oven to 470/450 F.  (First number is oven setting, second number adjusts -20 degrees for actual.)

10:22 am. Put in combo cooker, in pot part as base, score, put in oven covered, 450/430 F. 15 min.

Additonal warm-up/ferment: 2 hours 16 minutes.   In hindsight, should have left in fridge, and started oven warm up at 8:06 am.

10:37 am. Still covered. 430/410 F.  15 min.

10:52 am. Uncover. 400/380 F.  52 min.

11:44 am.  Take out. Internal temp 208.9 F. Close enough. Total bake time: 82 minutes.

Got just a little oven spring. Not as much as previous bake.  But it tasted better. Even though hydration was a little less, it was just as moist. The sugar apparently helped the taste and maybe helped to retain moisture.

Next time: more malt flour, more autolyse, less final ferment, no warm-up.



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Mon Oct 21, 2019.  

I've previously done 40% Kamut, then 33% Kamut, now this is 25% Kamut in relation to Prairie Gold (HWSW), in hopes of better gluten development.  Kamut has more protein, and can be used for 100% loaves, but it's like durum, it's not going to easily be a fluffy yeasted loaf.

525 g Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat (HWSW), home-milled, coarse.

175 g Kamut, home-milled, coarse.

7 g malt flour, home ground Briess malted white wheat from a brewer's supply. So sugar doesn't run out for yeast, for a good oven rise.

25 g dark rye flour, Bob's Red Mill, again so sugar doesn't run out for a good oven spring.

20 g BRM whole wheat pastry flour. I forgot why I added this.

752 g flour ao far.

653 g bottle spring water.  86.8% Hydration so far.  Mixed in stainless steel bowl  at 9:47 am. Start autolyse in oven, about 80 F.

10:20 am. stretch and fold.  11:18 am. S&F.    12:17 pm. S&F.  

12:18 pm S&F.   12:49 pm. S&F.  1:45 pm. S&F.

1:52 pm. Added and folded in 200 g of 100% hydration Starter. No salt yet. 

Flour now = 852g. Water now = 753g. ==> 88.38% Hydration.  

--- Percent Prefermented Flour, PPF, 100 / 852 = 11.7 %. 

Starter is a mish mash of Whole Wheat Pastry flour, Rye flour, home-milled Prairie Gold, and white rice flour.  Culture came from Carl's Oregon Trail starter,

2:44 pm. Now feels like dough!  Folded in salt with some water. 14.5 g Himalayan salt (1.7%), dissolved in 12.5 g water.  Dough now got stiffer with the salt in it. I could feel it change right there.

Total weight = 852 + 753 + 14.5 salt + 12.5 water = 1632 g.  3.59 pounds.

Final hydration = 89.8%.

3:52 pm. S&F.  4:30 pm. S&F.  5:05 pm. S&F.  5:34 pm. S&F.  

6:07 pm.  Fold and shape, dusted with BRM Whole Wheat Pastry flour, because I ran out of AP flour, and my home-mlled stuff  is too coarse.  Put it  in a banneton lined with a towel dusted with white rice flour. One hour Final Ferment in oven at about 80F.

7:07 pm take out of oven, in order to pre-heat oven,  finger test, looks ready, but still  need to preheat oven.  I didn't think it would be ready so fast. Must be the rye and malt flour in mix, and rye in the starter.  Put banneton in fridge. 

7:08 pm Preheating oven at 495/475F.  The first number is oven setting, second number is adjusted/actual temp, as oven is 20 degrees cooler than thermostat, according to thermometer.  This notation allows me to not get confused "Did I write down thermostat setting, or adjusted temp?"

Also pre-heating the Lodge 3.2 qt combo-cooker, and a 14.5" baking stone on the rack underneath the combo-cooker's rack.

 8:04 pm.  Insulated inner bottom of lid/skillet with corn meal, parchment paper cut into 9" circle on top of corn meal, and more corn meal on top of parchment paper.  Inner bottom diameter of lid/skillet is 9".

Load.  Oops. Deflated dough when I inverted banneton into off hand. Should have used something else. Lesson learned.  Scored top with bare razor blade, no lame.

8:06 pm.  Bake covered at 475/455 F. The deep pot part of the combo is the "hat".  Baking stone is shielding the combo-cooker from direct radiant heat of lower oven element.  10 minutes.

8:16 pm.  Continue baking, covered. 450/430 F.  25 minutes.

8:41 pm. Uncover. We have lift-off!  Oven spring!   Even though I accidentally deflated it.  Not enough spring to be Instagram-worthy, but best result so far.  Lower oven setting to 420/400 F.   16 minutes.

8:57 pm. Still uncovered. Lowered oven to 400/380 F.  27 Minutes.

9:30 pm. Take out. Total time 1 hr, 24 min.  Inner temp 208.6 F.    Would like a higher inner temp, but 84 min is enough.

Final loaf weight: 1364 g = 3.00 pounds.

Now if I can just resist cutting into this until tomorrow morning.  Put in a paper grocery bag for overnight.

Tues, Oct 22, 2019.

8:45 am. Cut open.  Crumb is no better than last bake.  So my deduction is just that I got rise in the oven this time that previously happened in the final ferment.  Taste is not as good as previous two bakes at this time point. Maybe because ferments were shorter.  Crust still hard.  Cut off enough to fit the loaf in a 1 gallon plastic zipper bag.  Crumb is still plenty moist, so the crust will soften up in the sealed bag.  Taste usually improves by the 24 hour mark




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