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17th bake. 01/21/2020. Best so far.

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17th bake. 01/21/2020. Best so far.

Jan 21, 2020.  17th TFL bake.  Best so far.

Goal:  1200 g boule (fits in 1 gallon storage zipper bag), 90% home-milled flour, 10% AP flour, try more autolyse, reduce amount of Kamut, increase autolyse/soak, short ferment (not overnight).

9:15 am: Mix 354 g Prairie Gold HWSW, 91 g Kamut, 91 g HRWW, all home-milled, 429 g bottled spring water, 1/8 tablet of a 500 mg vitamin C tablet (approx 62.5 mg).

 429 / ( 354 + 91 + 91 ) =  429 / 536 = 80% hydration.

~~ [1 hour, 55 minute autolyse/soak.]

11:10 am: Mix in: 40 g water, 50 gr King Arthur AP flour, 97 g of 125% hydration cold starter (last fed yesterday).

97 g of 125% starter = 44 g flour + 53 g water.   Assume 13 g of flour in starter is AP flour.

PPF:  44 / (536 + 50 + 44) = 44 / 630 = 7.0 %.  High enough for a same day bulk ferment and proof.  7% is high for a mostly whole-grain dough that has been autolysed for a while.

Percent white flour ( 50 + 13 in starter ) / 630 = 10% white flour.  ~~ 90% home-milled whole grain.

PPM Vitamin C: 62.5 mg / 630 g = 99.2 parts per million.  

11:45 am: Slowly mix in 20 g water, and 12.0 g Himalayan salt, via stretch and folds.  Dough becomes very stiff due to salt, but it will slacken.

Total hydration so far:  ( 429 + 40 + 53 in starter + 20 with the salt) / ( 536 + 50 + 44 ) = 542 / 630 = 86%. 

11:50 am: finish adding salt and water. 

12:19 pm: Stretch and fold.

12:54 pm: Stretch and fold.

1:54 pm: Stretch and fold.

2:55 pm: Stretch and fold.

~~[5 hrs, 7 min bulk ferment.] 

4:17 pm: Letter fold and shape on an AP flour-dusted surface.  Did a better job of stretching skin of boule than before, dragging boule across the surface to develop tension. Dusted 8.7" O.D. linen-lined banneton with tapioca flour and brown rice flour. Slightly wetted top of boule with water and spread soaked chunks of bran that had been sifted (#20 mesh) from milling process. Shouldn't have soaked the bran chunks. Flipped into banneton so the seam side was up, and dusted the now upper side (seam side) of boule. 

Immediately did finger poke test, and it seemed it was ready to bake!  So, it had too long of a bulk ferment, and therefore I used too much starter.

Immediately started preheat of oven to *495/475 F  and also Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker.

(Had to adjust bake timings a bit due to doing laundry, not wanting to let laundry occupy community dryers too long.)

Oiled and lightly dusted with corn meal, the deep pot part of the cooker. Sprinkled corn meal on seam side of boule and covered boule with a circle of parchment paper. Inverted pot over banneton and flipped them over.  Scored the boule in a double X, or 8 legged asterisk, all cuts converging in the center top.

~~[1 hour, 3 min final proof.]  

5:20 pm: Bake, covered, *495/475 F, 5 min.

5:25 pm: Bake, covered, 475/455 F, 5 min.

5:30 pm: Bake, covered, 430/410 F, 20 min.

Success!  Oven spring!  All legs of the 8-point asterisk scoring opened well. No "ears" because it was a vertical cut.

5:50 pm: Bake, uncovered, 400/380 F, 11 min. 

It didn't look like it was browning fast enough so raised temp.

6:01 pm: Bake, uncovered  410/390 F, 10 min.

It didn't look like it was browning fast enough so raised temp again.

6:11 pm: Bake, uncovered, 420/400 F, 6 min.

6:17 pm: Done. Internal temp 209.7 F.

* First number is the oven's thermostat setting, second number is actual. 

~~ Total bake: 57 minutes.

Very light crumb. BEST BAKE SO FAR.  And my friend who likes white bread even liked it.  Looked so good I cut it open after cooling two hours. Normally have to wait 20 hours to improve flavor.

Forgot to take photos of crumb. Will post other photos when I get a new computer.