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south jersey bread bakers

April 26, 2012 - 7:59am -- andreeank


Hi everybody,I live near Philly, I love to make bread and I love to meet people interested in bread making.If you live around and would like to meet other amateur bakers please join our group, here is the link.

Now a question: did anybody attend the bread baking classes offered by   " le pain quotidien?"" in NY? I booked my class for May 22nd and I can't wait to go.
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Philly style hoagie roll recipe needed badly!! :)

July 18, 2010 - 4:40pm -- jasonm2674

Hi Everyone,


I can't say enough how much I enjoy and learn from everyone's posts on the fresh loaf.   I have been searching for a long while now for a simple Philly style hoagie roll recipe.  Trying to use search engines leads to a vast amount of copied recipes from generic posts.  Can anyone help with the technique, ingredients, secrets, or creating the cheesesteak style roll ?   I've heard Amoroso's and Sracone's are the two major "authentic" philly style rolls. 


Thank you all for any information that you may be able to give.

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