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I saw someone post a Granola Sourdough which looked pretty good so I threw 60 grams of granola into my standard recipe to see how it would come out. I was pretty impressed as the granola added a good subtle flavor and texture which I really liked.... I will be experimenting more with this soon. 

450 grams strong white bread flour

50 grams wholewheat

100 grams starter

10 grams salt

60 grams granola

325 grams water


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I came across a recipe for Cranberry Sourdough on the Breadwerx website yesterday and decided to give it a try. Although the oven spring was a little lacking every other aspect of the bread was amazing. Definitely one of the best tasting breads I have made and I recommend everyone else giving this a try. 

Trevor's videos and recipes are so easy to follow and I have always used them as a basis for my recipes since I started baking. 



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I usually bake on a baking stone in a convection oven with mixed results.. Over the last few months I have managed some consistency and although the bread was good I never quite achieved what I wanted. So the other day I came across an old dutch oven in the back of my Mum's kitchen cupboard and borrowed it for a trial run.... I can safely say this is easily the best loaf I have ever made, the Dutch oven changed my bread in every single way... rise, crust, texture, taste. So the dutch oven is now on a permanent loan and my baking stone has been consigned to the back of my kitchen cupboard forever! Already excited about next bake!




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Here is my fruit and nut sourdough.... not the rise I wanted as I meant to retard it only overnight but totally forgot it was in my fridge! Got home from work to a very over-proofed dough, however, the crumb and the taste were still pretty good.


450g white bread flour

50g wholewheat flour

100g levain

350g water

50g walnuts

50g pecans

50g hazlenuts

100g raisins


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This is my everyday Pain Au Levain that I use for sandwiches etc. The crumb is a little tight on this one as I am still experimenting with retarding times in my new fridge. 

450gr white flour

50gr Wholewheat

325gr Water

100gr Levain

10gr Salt


1) Autolyse without the salt for 30 minutes

2) Add salt and 10gr water then stretch and fold for 5 minutes

3) Bulk fermentation for 3 hours with stretch and folds

4) Retard in fridge for 10 hours 

5) Bake 45 minutes on a baking stone @ 410f (convection oven)




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405gr white bread flour

45gr wholewheat flour

250gr water (usually use more water but as my maple syrup was on the thin side I had to adjust the water down)

90gr starter

10gr salt

100gr maple Syrup

150gr raisins

150gr walnuts

1tbsp cinnamon.

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Hi All,

I am new to this site and baking sourdough.... I love reading all the information on this site and taking advice from all the knowledgeable people. Anyway, just wanted to post my first effort at the Tartine Country Loaf, loved working with this dough. I would welcome any comments or feedback.



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