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Pain Au Levain

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Pain Au Levain

This is my everyday Pain Au Levain that I use for sandwiches etc. The crumb is a little tight on this one as I am still experimenting with retarding times in my new fridge. 

450gr white flour

50gr Wholewheat

325gr Water

100gr Levain

10gr Salt


1) Autolyse without the salt for 30 minutes

2) Add salt and 10gr water then stretch and fold for 5 minutes

3) Bulk fermentation for 3 hours with stretch and folds

4) Retard in fridge for 10 hours 

5) Bake 45 minutes on a baking stone @ 410f (convection oven)





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Beautiful loaf. I'm fairly new to oblong (vs. round) loaves and I'm not familiar with the slashing pattern that produces this look, which I find very appealing. Any pointers?

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Thanks.... Sure, I just made two diagonal slashes. I hold my lame at an angle and only take the blade just under the skin of the dough. I use a convection oven so I try and keep my scores away from the fan otherwise they don't open properly. 

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Very Pretty,

               The water with the salt, is that 10g of water extra? Or is it part of the 325gr? TIA!

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325g in total, I kept 10g back for the salt.