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Wow, it's been a while!
It's like my annual visit or what, ha ha.

So, it's Halloween and I am totally having fun with Jack every year!! 

above photo: pumpkin dinner roles with chocolate custard cream in his mouth! ^ ^
and below: my standard, pumpkin fougasse as jack, black sesame fougasse as spider net, and some pumpkin cream twist role!!

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Everyone, have a fun trick and yummy treat!!



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We don’t really celebrate Easter here in my country, so I totally forgot about it until last week

when my friend asked me to bake some breads for it.

Although I know there are some traditional kind of Easter bread
I’ve decided to just go with visual fun route because people here are not familiar with them anyway.

And, here they are...

Happy Easter, everyone  (^o^)/
Cracked eggs are pão de queijo  (Brazilian cheese bread).
I’ve used red beets for pink and spinach for green to color.

Rabbits are plain fluffy milk bread.
They look like cats more than rabbit here, but I did little better on second batch.

.... I was having fun!
I can still improve their look, but then I am running out of time and ingredients  >_<

So,  I will save my homework till next year... ha ha.


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Jack o'lantern is made with arranged Fougasse dough (with mashed pumpkin)

Ghost is made with basic milk bread dough but with mashed purple yam,

(they came out very very fluffy!)


Everyone, have a happy halloween!


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Compagne is another bread I am recently into...

I just feel so happy when those coupes opened up nicely!!

This is round campagne, and I sprinkled mealy graham flour on the outside.

They gave extra crunchy texture and savory flavor to the crust which I really enjoy.

Here is the oval one!  I like this shot because it looks like A big smile!!  :)

For this oval one I've tried to make it little softer crumb...

whith some cheddar cheese!!


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On and off, I have been working on baguette.

I only bake one small size each time, so my familly won't get tired of eating them ('-'*)

They are all 30% poolish.

I still haven't gotten THE perfect one yet, but enjoy the little progress and findings everytime!


begin to get little edge on the coupe

Above ↑  is my favorite one! 

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I baked W-chocolate campagne for valentine.

Cocoa campagne  with lots of big chunk of bitter chocolate, cranberry and orange peel.


I love the combination of chocolate and fruit....the multiplication  enrich the chocolate flavor!




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recent baking with home made fresh grape yeast...working well!


petit cheese bread, fig+bacon bread and ham-epi

tomato-basil focaccia

pumpkin filling bread

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3 kinds of bean bread (green soy bean & cheese bread, soft soy milk bun with green soy bean, sweet black bean bun)


Black Bean Bread


Earl Grey Tea Loaf

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I enjoy hand-kneed baking, and automn weather is perfect for it!


Graham Loaf with strawberry jam.

I was so excited to find that tiny jam bits for baking, and it goes very well with the graham.


I also like working with seasonal ingredients.

Pumpkin Bread came out lovely and tasty.




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