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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

We don’t really celebrate Easter here in my country, so I totally forgot about it until last week

when my friend asked me to bake some breads for it.

Although I know there are some traditional kind of Easter bread
I’ve decided to just go with visual fun route because people here are not familiar with them anyway.

And, here they are...

Happy Easter, everyone  (^o^)/
Cracked eggs are pão de queijo  (Brazilian cheese bread).
I’ve used red beets for pink and spinach for green to color.

Rabbits are plain fluffy milk bread.
They look like cats more than rabbit here, but I did little better on second batch.

.... I was having fun!
I can still improve their look, but then I am running out of time and ingredients  >_<

So,  I will save my homework till next year... ha ha.



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Great fun!

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Wow!  What a great project.  Can you share your recipe for the eggs?

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Thank you for the delightful post.  Your breads are adorable!  Great idea for Easter breads.  Wish I had thought of it earlier….there is always next year!

Take Care,


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Easter scene with the rabbits guarding the eggs.  Well Done,