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Compagne is another bread I am recently into...

I just feel so happy when those coupes opened up nicely!!

This is round campagne, and I sprinkled mealy graham flour on the outside.

They gave extra crunchy texture and savory flavor to the crust which I really enjoy.

Here is the oval one!  I like this shot because it looks like A big smile!!  :)

For this oval one I've tried to make it little softer crumb...

whith some cheddar cheese!!



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Yum!  Looks great, especially the cheese one....I love bread with cheese.  Nice open crumb too.

What formula did you use?

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Yeah, I love putting cheese in them too!

Those campagne are made with natural leaven, and below is the fomula;



Natural Leaven Campane  (baker's %)

90%  buguette flour

10%  rye flour

40%  natural leaven

55%  water

2.5%  salt

5%  sugar