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No crazy marathon baking for me this weekend - just one loaf of bread and one apricot frangipane tart.

I love English apricots - a massive box for £2.50, can't complain, can I? I wonder if I can make a recipe for Apricot bread? Hmmm....


Meanwhile, I did a take on Western Wheat Bread from "Discovering Sourdough" e-book. I have a comment "very good" written next to the recipe in a print out - I do remember it being good when I made it last time, following the recipe exactly. Now I've decided to play around with the recipe a little bit - it came out looking quite nice, can't wait to cut it open and have a taste of it tomorrow.

Full recipe and pictures here

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This has been a very baking intensive weekend and I love it!!

Looks like summer has decided to pay London a visit, we had a nice and sunny day yesterday, a perfect day to make a fruit sourdough. If I start early enough, it will give me a whole day to proof the dough, warm room temperatures to speed up the fermentation, some sugar and fruit in the dough to get things going and to be ready to bake at the end of the night.
And it worked really well – mix everything up at 9 in the morning, stretch and fold until 11, first proof until 3 pm, shape and cold fermentation in the fridge until 9 pm, out of the fridge and warm up for an hour and a half, in the oven just before 11 pm.

Full recipe and more photos on my blog here.

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My starter was calling out to me and I couldn’t decided what type of bread I should make when I got home after work. I’ve noticed red chillies sitting on my kitchen shelf and remembered that I had some fine corn meal somewhere in the cupboard – corn and chilli bread it is!!

Mixed it up last night after work, shaped it around midnight before going to bed and baked it this morning. Didn’t get a very strong corn smell while it was baking – the corn flavour is quite mild, crumb is very soft and it is very very tasty.

The dough was incredibly soft and I was tempted to all more flour to it last night – glad I didn’t, great texture and you can really tell the impact milk and butter had on the dough. Will definitely make this one again.

Full recipe and instructions in my blog here


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