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Beginner sourdough recipe...HELP!

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Beginner sourdough recipe...HELP!

I jumped on the quarantine sourdough bread wagon and  now have an active, predictable starter. I’ve searched for information, read blog after blog and now my head spins. It appears, most bread bloggers are in need of a good editor. They tend to yammer on and on and on. I’ve tried a few of their recipes with varying levels of success.


I’m looking for a good and dependable sourdough bread recipe for beginners, that doesn’t use “fancy” flours...King Arthur all-purpose and bread flour is about as fancy as I get. A recipe that’s not 10 pages long with a lot of explanation.


Help! Or, I’m going to pick a new hobby...pies! 

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Mr Immortal

Hi, MGoodwin!


I know what you mean!  Food bloggers take up more space yakking about how much their friends and family love their recipe than they do with the actual recipe!  Of course, I think you may be searching in vain if you’re looking for just a flat-out list of ingredients, with no amount of explainification.  In sourdough baking, the processes are every bit as important to the final product as the ingredients.


With that being said, I did find this All AP Sourdough Bread recipe over at The Perfect Loaf.  

Make sure to let us know how it turns out!

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MGoodwin, agreed on the AP Sourdough recipe from The Perfect Loaf!

I’m new to sourdough, too, although I’m working with a very mature starter gifted from a baker friend. I’ve baked this recipe with KA AP and with Trader Joe’s AP.  Both turn out consistently beautiful. As per the recipe, I hold back 50g of water to add with the salt. I started by adding only 25g and only started to use the whole 50g when I became more comfortable with high hydration. 

Hope this helps!

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One of the easiest beginner's recipe is the so called 123 sourdough, which has plenty information on this forum, and a dedicated community bake has been dedicated to the recipe in the past, see the link below.



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Yes I agree, this one is very popular here on TFL for good reason.

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Here's the video i followed to get into my first Sourdough bread.

The recipe worked well for me from the first bake (I bake in a dutch oven).

This recipe is good for standard baking flour, no need to get anything fancy at all.

Easy Homemade Sourdough Bread

Post some pictures if you make it.


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Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction...I do believe I have a winner recipe.

I made the  All AP Sourdough Bread from The Perfect Loaf.

This website is well edited, designed and easy to read. I think I’ll try and  learn as much as I can from Maurizio at The Perfect Loaf.

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Mr Immortal

That’s a fantastic looking loaf!  How does it perform in terms of taste and texture?


I’m glad that you found something there at The Perfect Loaf that worked for you. I was impressed with the sheer level of informative-ness that Maurizio packs into his site, without being overly yakky about extraneous subjects.


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Thanks! The bread was soft and chewy and the crust was crisp and had a nice crackle. It toasted up well for breakfast and was nice with butter for dinner without toasting.

I wish it had a little more tangy flavor. I think next time, I will add a little more salt and bake it a little higher in the oven. The bottom was little overdone for me.

it’s a keeper...may try adding walnuts and cranberries next week too. 😊 

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Mr Immortal

Not sure what your oven setup is like, but you might try placing a pizza stone or baking sheet on the rack directly below your Dutch oven (if you’re using one).  This will prevent direct radiant heat from the oven’s heating element from torching the bottom of your loaf.

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Mr Immortal

The amount of tangy in your finished loaf can be tweaked in a number of ways.  There are some very interesting thoughts in This post.

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I find the Tartine country loaf very easy if not a little time consuming to make, and there is an abundant of YouTube videos out there to help with any of the steps you may be unsure about. I must state that I have more luck changing to a 12-16 hour fridge retardation than fermenting at room temperature.