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100% Whole Wheat

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100% Whole Wheat

Since I bake with whole grains and no more white flour, unless it's for my job, I thought it would be great to have a page that lists all the whole-whole grain recipes, so that people like me can cut to the chase. I'm not holier than anybody, it's just that my husband's stomach reacts to white flour (and sugar), and I'm over 40 and starting to feel mortal.

Is there already a page? I can contribute my ww banana bread made with dates, my adaptations of Peter Reinhardts Many Seeded bread (omitting white flour and adding water). I already posted the 100% wholegrain cornbread recipe. But I'd like to feed off of other people's experience with whole grains.

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No, there isn't a single page, but there are areas like here and here and here. Tag any new recipe with wholegrain and it'll show up in the whole grain list.