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Howdy from Alabama

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Howdy from Alabama

New here but long time BBQ and bread maker.   Looking for low carb idea's for breads and Pizzas 

Just now starting to play with starters for low carb breads/crust so if you have ideas let me know


Tommy (TMB)

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There are some low carb posts here but you have to remember that most breads are high carb and bakers here generally work from that premise. I have worked with a few people on developing their low carb products but it is a matter of a lot of experimentation. This is one such thread and is a bit long- the original poster had a few issues to work through. These buns used chemical leavener. Yeast needs carbohydrates so I'm not sure how to make a yeasted product without food for the yeast.

Here is another poster who linked to a keto blog with a low carb bread. This one used commercial yeast. If commercial yeast can be used, there is good likelihood that a starter can be used.

Good luck. It will be interesting to follow your progress on this project.