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Quick Bread?

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Quick Bread?

In the bread lessons (lesson 2), the author mentions  Quick Breads... what exactly is a quick bread and does that imply there are slow breads?

Thanks in advance


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I’ve always thought of quick breads as those using yeast and baked the same day as mixed.

I haven’t heard the term slow breads but I think it would be applicable. Slow breads would be those that use pre-ferments such as polish, BBGA, Mother Dough, etc.. The longer your dough ferments, the greater the flavor. Any bread baked at home is great. But breads that ferment longer will always excel in flavor. The differences are very noticeable.


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Quick bread usually means a bread made with baking powder, which can be baked right after mixing, while a yeast bread takes time to develop.

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Yes, this, and some examples are banana bread, spice bread, muffins, soda bread, pancakes, most cakes actually, etc.

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I have heard the terms "quick bread" and "tea bread" or even "tea cake" used interchangeably. It generally refers to a baked product that uses a baking powder or baking soda leavener instead of yeast. Mixing and baking foes very quickly, hence "quick" bread.

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An example of a quick bread is Irish Soda Bread, which uses baking soda (not baking powder) and buttermilk as the two ingredients that create the lift for the bread.  From the start of mixing the ingredients to removing the loaf from the oven is generally well under one hour.  Certainly not the case for any yeasted bread.

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Baking Powder is much nicer to use and reduces the chance of any 'metallic taste'

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But then it wouldn't be soda bread