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Grainiacs of New England

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Postal Grunt

Grainiacs of New England

People are growing wheat in New England and selling all they can grow to local millers and bakers. This article comes from a Yankee Magazine email to me so you may or may not be able to read it without a little bit of work. Today Expire New&utm_campaign=Today 09-27-2017 expnew

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thanks for posting this, great that this "revolution" is happening.


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the hadster

What a wonderful article.

It gives me hope.

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Great news for breadheads.

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It is always great to read about another foodie discovering the wonders of bread - and really appreciating each step that goes in to a truly unique crafted loaf.

I'm a huge fan of local, family businesses and love to see articles like this that lay out how having a local community with separate businesses at each stage from farm to market can create a self-sufficient and profitable local economy supplying nutritious and fantastic food.  This article shows it off beautifully!