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Moving bread

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Dave W

Moving bread

What is the best way to move bread thats proving on a flour dusted proving cloth/Couche, and then to put them onto a dusted peel/tray ready for the oven. With some breads that are delicate, longer rolls containing other heavy additions, olives, peppers etc are always very fragile. any ideas other than be carefull !. iv'e tried using a large utensile like a fish slice but this seems to damage the bread, lifting it by hand is difficult as the rolls bend in the center.


Dave W

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Hi David, have you thought of using parchment paper under the dough? I think it was TattoodTonka who showed how to place the loaves on parchment and then use rolled kitchen towels to form the couche. Then it is easy to lift paper and dough onto the baking stone. You can pull the paper out when you rotate the loaves. Good luck, A.

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For long loaves use a long narrow peel (or a piece of thin plywood/wood etc).  Something that is about a wide as your loaf and long enough to hold at one end.  Roll the loaf from the couche to the board and then into the oven.  For round loaves I lift one side gently with my dough scraper and then slide the peel under it (dusted with semolina) and then use the scraper to grab the other half and kind of spin/rotate the loaf onto the peel.  Takes a bit of practice.  Good luck.  Have fun experimenting.

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Hi Dave, here is the link to my thread about the way I transfer breads.

Im not a pro, but this works great for me.  I used to use the cornmeal on the peel thing, but even then with wet doughs they would stick.  This way I have no issues.  I transfer it right onto the stone in the oven, paper an' all.  Then just pull the paper out after a couple minutes if you want.

Good luck,