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Saturday Night 6 P’s SD Focaccia Romana Pizza

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Saturday Night 6 P’s SD Focaccia Romana Pizza

For this pizza crust the girls wanted to go back to our Focaccia Romana  crust that has garlic rosemary and sun dried tomato.  I said OK but didn’t tell them that the dough would be SD instead of their favorite poolish one.


We had pinched 40 g of fully ripe 100% multi-grain levain from last Friday’s bake and then fed it 40 g each of AP and water making this the 5th feeding for this levain.  We let it sit on the counter for 2 hours and it easily doubled.


We autolysed the AP dough flour and water for 1 hour, then mixed the levain and salt in  to make a shaggy dough.  After two sets of slap and folds, 5 minutes and 3 minutes, the dough had developed plenty of gluten strength.


We then did 3 sets of S&F’s on 10 minute intervals and incorporated the garlic, rosemary and sun dried tomato in the first pass.  15 minutes after the last S&F we immediately retarded the dough for 48 hours.

We let the dough warm up on the counter for 2 1/4 hours before stretching and rolling it out to a fairly decent round shape.  We brushed the crust with Mojo de Aho, docked it with a fork and then par baked it for 3 minutes on a stone with a stone above at 550 F.


Then the pizza white topped with, home made spicy sauce 5 kinds of peppers; (Serrano, Poblano, green, jalapeno and red), homemade pastrami and pepperoni to go along with; home made Italian very hot sausage (chucked habaneros in that), caramelized onions and mushrooms, green and red onions, steamed green squash and broccoli and 4 cheeses (mozzarella, Monterey jack, pecorino and parmesan).


The girls also put on some of the onion, sun dried tomato bruschetta with the regular sauce.  I tried and piece of their pizza and like this combination.  The salty, smoky  pastrami was a the killer topping for me.

The crust was super thin and it baked up very crisp - just the way we like it.  The girls didn’t complain that the crust was SD this time either - proving there is a God.   It is still their 2nd favorite crust after the exact same recipe except using a 12 hour poolish for the leaven instead of SD.  I like both equally well. 


Today’s lunch was Friday’s w bread bakes, one topped with the left over sausage and pizza sauce and grated 2 P cheeses and fresh basil the other the left over caramelized onions and peppers mixed with the sun dried tomato and onion bruschetta – with the standard veggies and fruits.


120 g of 100% hydration levain – 33% whole multi-grain

358 g of AP flour

253 g of water

10 g of honey

10 g of VWG

751 g  Total weight

 Overall hydration is 74.26%.  The dough also had 1 tsp each of minced garlic, rosemary and sun dried tomato.

Today's breakfast and lunchmade with Friday's bread

 and tomorrow's sirloin pastrami smoke after 24 hours of dying in the fridge after curing.


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What a delicious looking pizza top and bottom.  Mike just got back from a 54 mile bike ride and we are ready for dinner.  Looking at all your lovely pizza's, veggies and specially prepared meats is making us very hungry for bad it's not at your house.

I love all the slicing and dicing you do with the veggies and meats on your pizza's.  You really put your heart into your cooking.  

Tomorrow's prep looks wonderful and I'm sure will make a very delicious meal.  


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and now that that is done time to fire up the smoker!  The top sirloin has been aging and drying ofr 48 hours now. A little pepper and some coriander should finish it off.

Glad you liked the pizza - yours are so fantastic and put mine to shame!.  They are a favorite along with hamburger's once a month - will be doing brioche buns for them when they come up as the next real meal deal.

Happy Halloween baking Sylvia.

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Pizza pizza pizza!  Looks good to me from here:)

cant wait to see how that pastrami looks inside and on a nice sammy!

on my way back on the ferry from visiting Vermont for the weekend.  Stocked up on lots of flour from KAF and had some great meals and beer along the way.  

Happy baking.


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really worked is salty magic with the rest of the ingredients to make these pizzas extra tasty.  Won't make pizza without it ever again!

KAF, fine dining,  great beer and Vermont with trees on fire in fall bloom had to be fantastic.

I forgot t tell you about the real history of pizza like I promised so here goes.

The Italians are proud of inventing the pizza and they are right in that Naples is the city where pizza came from originally.  It sounds really good but pizza is much older.  Naples was founded originally as a trading colony for the....Greeks.  The Greeks in Naples brought from their Greek homeland  the 'Edible Plate'  A flat round bread with a raised rim around the edge to hold the assortment of garnishes and relishes - meaning any topping put on the pizza crust.

Tomatoes came from the 'new world' so they weren't on any old world pizza in Naples until well after 1,500 AD or so.  But, the native American Indians that Columbus bumped into down in Hispaniola put spicy tomato sauce, made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, on their flat breads made with corn - much like they do today and Columbus brought this 'tomato sauce on bread' back to the old world.  So Indians in the Caribbean are more responsible for the pizza we know today that any Italian ever was but Italians did put the hot Caribbean tomato sauce on the Greek edible plate bread first.and they make some fine pizza to this day..

Don't tell the Italians that they didn't invent focaccia either - but neither did the Greeks - gut that is another story.

Happy baking Ian

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Thanks for the history lesson.  I came back from KAF with about 9 bags full of goodies to play with.

I have made pizza with pastrami before and loved it...but Boars head is good but I'm sure can't hold a candle to your homemade version!

Stocked up on lots of maple syrup including a vanilla infused one and cinnamon infused one which both will make it into a future bake along with some apple hard cider and a few other goodies.  We had some fresh cider donuts at one place which melted in your mouth....

Happy baking to you too! (P.S. we couldn't take Max with us and boy was he ever happy to see us when we would of thought we were away for a month....nothing like the unconditional love of a dog).

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the pizza story and glad Max has bonded so well to you after such a short time.  Lucy says he's a keeper. You should look up sweetbird's fantastic bake using hard cider and buckwheat, one of the best crusts of all time here

And my three takes on it here and here

and here

Happy Halloween Ian and Lucy sends a scary face to Max

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Where do you find the time.  It all looks great and that pizza sound really spicy.  One of these days I'm comin for a visit.  I'll bring some local goods for the chance to eat some of this amazing stuff.  

I bet the girls liked the SD since it was a fifth short build it was probably sweeter and less sour than some of your other sours.  

I can't wait to see that pastrami finished.

Happy Fooding


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there is plenty of time for just about anything fun, legal and not too difficult.  You arr welcome any time - just say the word.  We have something interesting to eat every day.  Today I will make the first harvest of lettuce that we planted 3 weeks ago.  It has been in the 90's and high 80's since it was planted and it just took off - the rye, Kamut, wheat also liked the heat and they sprouted and are 3 inches tall a week after planting them!.  The spelt hasn't broke ground though.  Tomorrow it i supposed to be in the 70's, so things will slow down but we have about 20 tomatoes already set and the cucumbers and squash are ready to be transplanted.

With the hot peppers, sausage and spicy sauce the girls couldn't taste the sour crust but it was tangy,  With the starter, levain and dough all retarded 2 days each - it couldn't help but be sour!

Just put this different kind of pastrami on the smoker 10 minutes ago so we will know what it tastes like in 2-3 hours or so since it is only 1 1/2 inches thick.

Glad you liked the pizza.  I like getting 3 different breads out of one dough.  Much less work:-) 

Happy baking Josh!

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that pizza is amazing!  The crust and toppings are making me ready for 2nd dinner.  That is a feast for eyes.  I can taste your pizza and food now!

I bet those girls love when you have a glint in your eyes.  They know some good baking and smoking is coming their way!  

warm Regards,


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especially this time of year, but, the 3 girls going hungry, isn't one of them!  It's also all I can do to keep a face on being thin too.  There really aren't too many things that are truly great in this world, but fine fresh foods is one of them.  Might as well enjoy, as much as we can, the farmer's bountiful harvest that they work so hard to provide.  We have a bounty like no where else and enough extra to feed others around the world not as fortunate or blessed.   The pizza was very tasty and with a pastrami topping - really decadent:-)

Glad you liked the post Casey and Happy Baking!

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that I have ever seen. My goodness it must have been delicious! Those toppings are so bright and tasty looking, can only imagine how good they must be in real life. You've outdone yourself this time, so what can be next? Aha that lovely pastrami on the way to happen. Just when I thought it was time to retire the smoker for winter you make me realize that I still haven't tried a pastrami smoke. Good thing it is still Fall and I have time.

Any chance you'd post the most basic of directions for a novice?

thank you,


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Just shovel off a small dry spot for it and you if it runs a little late..... and make some pastrami.  It takes 4 days to cure a 4-5  pound brisket, 1 day to dry it in the fridge and one day to smoke so it is a 6 day process - but well worth it.

This pizza was very tasty, spicy and just plain delicious.  No wonder pizza is its own food group - right after beer wine and spirits, bread, chocolate, ice cream, smoked meats, cookies, cakes and pies.

My wife isn't a big fan of smoked meats but thankfully. the daughter and Lucy just love them - so we out number the better half by 3 to 1 :-)

Glad you like the pizza  Barbara.  So what tricks or treats are you making for Halloween?

Happy baking

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out here in the country is pretty quiet. Family and neighbor children are the only tricksters and they really stop here more to show us their creative costumes. Nice thing though, with people you know, they love to get the old fashioned treats like caramel popcorn balls and candied apples. Those poor city kids are stuck with bushel baskets of snack size candy bars. Guess its all a trade off.

Our sisterly bake will be the Irish raisin bread sans the charms, at least for here. Now if my assistant will leave that Jameson whiskey alone until Wednesday, there will be some happy, albeit besodden, raisins to greet the Halloween morn!

What are you baking for Halloween? Join us for the Irish bread?


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Great looking pizza, dab!  And the other plates look pretty good, too.


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It was delicious a it looked and the other plates were very tasty.  last Friday's bread bake produced some fine foils for stuff on and between them.  The 3 hour pastrami smoke today has already taken 6 hours and still 10 degrees to go.  I foregot how long pastrami takes - the last one that was nearly twice as thick took 12 hours.  I'm hoping this one will be done in 7 hours..  Unlike bread that watch for proper proofing this you watch for proper temperature:-)  Never tried to pastrami a tough steak before.

Happy baking Paul. 

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I will echo Paul on this one dab. But that is okay, I now have the goods to to try and keep up with your culinary splendor! From "Charcuterie" I have duck breast pastrami that should be just about perfect. I double seared a fine prime rib 2 days ago, hickory smoked to 105F internal, then hot seared to 135F. I am still deciding the best way to re-heat tonights's slice of beef. It has been mighty tasty with just pepper and hot horseradish!

Following dabrownman down a couple of paths has led to nothing but great eats! So there you go dab, another SHOUT OUT!

Rest regards and good eating. Ski

dabrownman's picture

I want to see a picture of the duck pastrami and the prime rib - duck and prime ribs are two of my favorites.- You have already seen it but here is the top sirloin pastrami picture for everyone else. b Different final rub for Ski - Canadian maple syrup, cracked black  pepper and crushed coriander was it!  Post those pictures Ski!


Skibum's picture

Ask and ye shall receive:

Reverse seared prime rib, duck proscuitto and home smoked chipotles for my next batch of chilli!

Cheers dab!  Here's to great eating!  Ski 

dabrownman's picture

I am going into anaphylactic shock just looking at your prime rib and smoked duck breast.  Now i want purple potatoes fried in duck fat with truffles thin sliced on top!

Crazy good Ski..... even if you are killing me!

Skibum's picture

Purple potatos fried in duck fat with truffles??? Now you are killing me!!! I guess I will have to find some duck fat and truffles . . .

Happy Eating dab!  Ski