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Bread Browser

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Bread Browser


You have hit a home-run with the bread browser! BRAVO!!!!!

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Glad you like it!

The Bread Browser loads the latest posts (newest first) with an image attached using that new field "Image" that is right at the top of the screen when you make a new post. It shows up on the homepage and on a dedicated page.  

As I've mentioned, as folks use that more I'll be able to lots of cool stuff like this. I'd love to be able to auto-generate thumbnails of posts and display them on the homepage or on people's profiles or in the sidebar of people's blog posts.


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Yesterday, I went back and attached images to a couple of my posts using that new field on the "Edit" tab of the post. I checked the Bread Browser and never saw my images or posts included.  Checked again today, and still nothing.

Tried to add the images again this morning. The upload seems successful, it displays a thumbnail of that image at the top. But when I click on the "View" tab, then back on the "Edit" tab,  the thumbnail is gone.

Am I doing something wrong, or being impatient?  Looks like an interesting way to view different breads.

Keep up the good work on your site.  Enjoying learning new things everyday.