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not rec' emails

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not rec' emails

Floyd, I hope you will see this, I am not getting the emails from the new system. I did at first, then they stopped. I couldn't even figure out how to contact you, the old way of clicking on the user in the post is not working now. Also, I'm sure you are aware a lot of the printed areas are very light, nearly unreadable. I really miss the emails, hope you can shed some light on this. (to someone who's not too computer savy!) Take care, Jean P., msbreadbaker

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Hi Jean,

The main discussion about email notifications is here.  Not an ideal situation, but I think the email solution I've found is pretty good.

I've made some adjustments to the type, trying to make the important things like links easier to find while keeping the volume turned down a bit from where it was, which was pretty straining on the eyes. It is still a work in progress.