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Migration update

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Migration update

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on the migration to the new system for everyone.

As expected, there were a few bumps in the road, some I knew about and others that caught us off-guard.  The good news is it looks like most of us are here now.

  • User Icons  a number of user icons got mixed up.  If you are logged in, you can click on "My Account" and upload a new picture for yourself.  Or you can let Dorota (dstroy) or I know about the problem and we'll restore your old icon.
  • E-mail subscriptions and notifications - This was something I couldn't really test prior to making the switch over because I didn't want to send everyone oodles of duplicate messages, but it still was an unpleasant suprise to find that neither of the modules I had previously been using ported cleanly to the new application. I am still looking for a replacement for these.  In the meantime, there is a new message notification tool for getting replies to your posts and comments that is working well, so give it a shot!
  • Server Performance - There were some big load spikes yesterday as I turned things on and off that caused the site to slow down quite a bit for logged in users.  Knock on wood, things seem to be a bit more stable today as I get the memory allocation and caching better worked out.
  • Text editor - The newest version of the editor behaves a little bit different than the previous version and a few of you aren't even seeing it.  I'm trying to get the behaviour to match as closely as possible and help folks out who aren't seeing it. Fingers crossed, it is looking like many of those are caching issues.
  • Design and layout - As I've mentioned, I've been working on this site upgrade for some time and trying to collect as much feedback as possible, but it isn't until everyone got their hands on it that a lot of issues were brought to my attention.  We are continuing to make adjustments to things like the font sizes and colors based on your feedback.  Even if one of us doesn't reply to your comment and you don't see an immediate change based on your feedback, do know that all of your comments and feedback are being read and I'm doing my best to accomodate them within the new framework. Trying to support a ton of new devices and layouts is tricky, to say the least.     
  • General functionality - There are some things I've changed the behavior of, but there are a lot of things that have simply changed because this is a new version of the software the site runs on and the updated versions work differently.  Some of those changes I knew about, but you folks are discovering quite a few I didn't!  Where possible, I'll do my best to restore whatever behavior I can, but some of it may be out of my power.

All that bad stuff aside, I hope some folks are finding some new things they like!  A few things to call out:

  • There is a new content type, recipe, that folks should try and that I'll figure out how to surface soon.
  • The new image uploading is really simple for folks, I hope. Once people have been using that for a bit I'll be able to do cool things like auto-generate thumbnails on the homepage for your posts.
  • Oh yeah, check out your profile page now!  Again, I still need to do some work there, but profiles are much more useful than ever now. If you are on social media and want to share that with other community members, click "My Follow Links" and add your social media links.
  • The site really does look good on mobile devices and tablets now, though we are discovering a few things like a short cut to jump to the top of the page would be really helpful too. 
  • Also, embedding a YouTube video is a snap now: Click the Mountain icon, then click "Web" and paste in the YouTube page URL.

Thanks for everyone's patience while we work out some the glitches.  I know you come here to talk about bread, not technology, so I'll try to make the technology fade into the background as much as possible as soon as I can.




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(until we get a better global email subscription module working again, this is a quick way of getting email notifications to a thread you want to follow - just be sure to select "all comments" when you check the "notify me when new comments are posted")

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Seems that the links for my RSS feed do not match the topics. For example if I click on a topic it displays another. Has the feed changed. 


Carlton Brooks

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Hey Carlton - I'm having troubles figuring out where you're getting this error - you mean in the "bread feed" aggregator? or the rss as it's feeding out? (twitter grabs that right? so there, Im finding it linking correctly...)

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My iPad persisted in showing me the old site, despite reboots.  After noodling around the Web for a while, the winning combination turned out to be:

1. Turn off Safari

2. Under Settings, clear the Safari cache/cookies

3. Reboot the iPad

5. Restart Safari


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Can you make this thread sticky so that it's easier to find, please?