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Sad news

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Sad news

I was contacted last night by Eric Hanners' son Ken. Eric passed away unexpectedly on Friday. He was very active on this website. If anyone would like information regarding his services please send me a message. I tried to leave my email here but it is coming out encoded.


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Am so sorry to hear about Eric's passing.   TFL has lost a treasured member who has contributed much to this forum.  

Very sad.  

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Oh, so terrible.

He was so generous in his postings.

RIP ehanner.

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I am so very sorry to learn of Eric's passing...deepest sympathy to the family.

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Thanks flourgirl51.  Eric was generous and enthusiastic in his love of baking, and all of us have benefited from his contributions.  He is missed. 


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My condolences to his friends and family. I'll remember his generosity in giving us such helpful replies to our forum questions and his beautiful, thoughtful blog posts. I hope his rich collection of blog posts here on TFL will be a nice token of remembrance for his family. His patience and kindness certainly came through in his writing.

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I'm so sorry to hear of his passing.   He will be missed by many.

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to his friends and family.


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and prayers for Eric's family. From his posts it is obvious that he loved baking and was so generous in sharing his insights. The world of bread is poorer today.


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May he rest peacfully. We will remember that he was always so helpful and kind.  The bread baking world is much lees than was just a day before becsue of his passsing.

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I considered Eric a buddy. We exchanged some PMs and emails, as well as comments on the boards. He was one of my earliest online bread baking mentors. Always so honest in calling a spade a spade, so generous in his contributions on the forum and off.

My condolences to Eric's family.



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He was a really great guy and someone I turned to when I needed some help in my difficult times.  He did not dissapoint.  He was always very generous with his time, words, and compassion and someone I considered a close friend.  Today and every time I bake my variation of 'Eric's Favorite Rye'  I think of him.


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I was just preparing to share this sad news.

Eric had become less active in the community here the past few months, but for a number of years Eric was one of the most helpful and active community member on TFL.  In public he was outspoken and friendly; behind the scenes he was extremely good at noticing when feathers had been ruffled and making sure the community stayed healthy.  You know those occassions when a thread on this site started to turn ugly and as if by magic I appeared and was able to intervene and smooth things out?  That was usually because Eric tipped me off and recommended I step in.  

Eric was also a very good baker.  He left a number of recipes for us to remember him by.

If I hear more from his family about memorials for or ways to pay tribute to Eric I will pass the information on.  In the meantime, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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I was saddened and shocked to here of Eric's passing.  My deepest condolences to his family.


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Eric gave me so much encouragement when I was just starting to bake bread, and probably kept me from giving up after one failure too many.   And here I had hoped we might meet one day.   Condolences to his family, and also to us on TFL who will miss him.  -Varda

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I am so sorry to hear of Eric's passing.
My sincere condolences to Eric's family, and friends in the TFL community.
- breadsong

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I am very sorry to hear of Eric's death.  He certainly was a very gentle and giving man and I know we will all miss him.  My prayers go out to his family.

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I was so sad to hear about Eric's death - he was too young to be considered an elder statesman but somehow that is how I always thought of him. My thoughts are with his family, A.

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How sad. He will live on in the memories of those of us that followed his recipes. I am another one who has a dog-eared copy of his favorite rye. Prayers to his family.

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Eric's Favorite Rye......    Eric was so helpful, so nice, what a loss !


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I enjoyed my contacts with Eric and greatly appreciate his contributions here.  

flourgirl51, if you haven't already done so, please ask Ken to show other family members what his father did here.  I'm sure that it will be a confirmation of what they already know: that Eric was a wonderful man who made friends with all kinds of people in all kinds of places.


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This is the URL for the "Guest Book" for those who would like to add a condolence.

Here is the link for the obituary:

I,too,will always remember him as I bake Eric's Favorite Rye.  He will be missed.

 PS I did add an entry into the guestbook with a link to this post as well as my condolences to his family.


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At this time, I reflect on the many wonderful people who post on TFL, and why I  want to be part of this community.   Eric's generosity and wisdom knew no bounds.   He was also a great baker; a truly great member here.

I never met Eric, but he was a true friend; I am so sorry to read of this horrible news.   He will be missed here on TFL, in so many ways.


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still remember his genuine welcome when i introduced myself for the first time.....always  teady to give an advice and share.We will miss you. Rest in Peace Eric 

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Eric was one of the (many) great characters here at TFL.  I will thank him always for his encouragement and advice as I learned the bread-baking craft, his wonderful blog posts about his quests for great loaves, and most of all for sharing his Pastrami knowledge.  If his presence here was an indication, he lived a good life.  But way too short.

My condolences to his family and friends (including the many TFLers whom he touched).


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  I knew he was less active here because he was on a new diet that didn't allow breads and he was very enthusiastic because he had lost quite a bit of weight and was feeling really good so this news comes as a shock.  

Thanks for sharing.  If there is a big bakery somewhere up 'there' I hope he is happily baking away with Norm.



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My deepest heartfelt condolences to Eric's family and many friends.

Eric had no shortage of friends here on TFL and I consider myself very lucky to have been one of them. Eric and I got to know each other over time during numerous email conversations involving two of our passions, bread and BBQ,/smoke cooking. As many have already mentioned, Eric was incredibly generous with his baking knowledge. He was just as generous in sharing his expertise in the fine art of BBQ with me, something I'll always be grateful to him for. Just as Mark will always think of him when he bakes Eric's Favorite Rye, so will I whenever I'm putting a rack of ribs or pork butt in the smoker. TFL has lost one it's finest ambassador's of good will with Eric's passing, but he left us with the indelible mark of his positive nature and giving spirit to follow along as best we can. A fine gift from a good man.

Goodbye my friend, God speed.

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I would certainly agree with all the nice things others have said about Eric. I regarded Eric as a dear friend, and I treasured our TFL relationship. I'm going to miss him a lot.

I hope his family knows how important he was to this community and how many of us will be thinking of him.


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I too miss Eric's presence on TFL.  On more than one occasion, he encouraged me and helped me grow as a baker.  His loss leaves a big hole in the fabric here.  Sincere condolences to his family. 


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I'm at a loss of words... I don't know Eric very well, but about a month ago he had inspired me to bake with his great words of encouragement...

You will be missed dearly, Eric.

Rest in peace. 

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What a sad news for Eric's Family and for us all here at TFL. My deepest condolences to his family, and friends, and to this community.

Eric helped, and encouraged me alot during my beginnings here at TFL, and was very supportive to all new and existing members alike.

I will miss him. May his soul rest in peace.



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I have been carrying this sad news in my heart all day. My deepest symapthy to his family and friends.

From very the moment I started baking seriously, Eric was always a part of TheFreshLoaf ... his memory will continue on here ...


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I can add nothing beyond what has been said.  Eric will be missed.


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I'm so sad to hear about Eric's sudden passing.  He touched many people with his thoughtful comments and passion for baking and cooking.  I was looking forward to trying his pastrami recipe and sharing my experience with him.

 My condolences to his family and friends and may his memory live on through his words and actions.




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How sad! My sympathies to his friends and family. Eric was such a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable  voice on TFL, I'll miss him. 

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Eric was always present when you asked a question and his baking tips thread was very helpful for me. We exchanged some PM some time ago when he began to experiment with high rye; I still remember his enthusiasm in that new adventure. I'll miss him badly. One hug, Eric!

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I'll remember Eric everytime I make his favorite rye. A good man. 



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Sad, but in addition to his fantastic breads, intellect and knowledge, I will fondly remember two of his non bread recipes:  pastrami and also clam sauce pizza.  Peace be with you Eric, thanks for the many gifts and memories for life...

Pizza Clam Sauce (couldn't find the link, but saved the recipe):

I [Eric]have made clam pizza a couple times. I haven't had access to fresh clams when I did it so I used canned and clam juice. I think you could simmer the fresh ones in a small bit of water and rough chop them and use as below. Or, raw are so good, I'd probably shuck and eat and skip the pizza lol. Here's what I do.

Dump juice from clams plus a bottle of clam juice in a pan and reduce by half. Add finely minced onions and garlic and simmer for a few minutes to soften. Add juice and zest from a lemon and continue to reduce. Add a couple Tablespoons of bread crumbs and stir in to thicken mixture. When you have a creamy paste, add clams and heat through. Shut off heat and add add a T of butter to complete the clam sauce.

For the pizza, I start with shredded Mozzarella, top with clams and sauce and thin sliced lemons. Sprinkle fresh chopped parsley.  Bake as usual.

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Eric is one of the people that make this site a true community.  I've been missing his comments for a while.  A sad day indeed.

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goodbye ERIC  your comments here  were always encouraging and welcoming and pretty much all that is good about this association of bakers and friends, you are already missed but we still have  your post here to revisit from time to time.

kindest regards to family and friends on this sad loss

kindest regards Yozza

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Such a shock to hear of Eric's passing. He was among the big group of mentors here at TFL. I always looked forward to reading his posts. His enthusiasm, curiosity, and positiveness buoyed me up when bread seemed an awesome and mystical thing. He is one who gave me courage to undertake new baking challenges, and just eat up the failures and try again. I miss him and will bake his rye.

With fond memories,


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I am very sorry to hear the sad news. Eric is one of them who helped me when I started to learn how to make bread, especially baguettes.   I am just speechless to what to say. I just feel sorry and sad. I am also sorry for his family too.


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What a gem this man was
I have been reading/learning board and feel it is such a sum of it's parts!

Tragic to suddenly loose someone, my deep empathy for his friends and family

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we are very sorry to hear about eric's passing. we are sending our prayers and sympathy to his family

claudia meyer

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I have been away from the forum, just came to discover this very sad news. Please send my belated condolence to his family. Eric has always been so helpful. He has a special place in my heart because it was him who reached out to give me photography lessons. Without him, I wouldn've been able to take pictures like I am able to today. I miss him terribly.