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This is my latest attempt at Ciabatta. I used this recipe:  

Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta Bread

I have to be honest though... I liked the Ciabatta No Knead better. I liked the flavour of the No Knead bread better. I must admit that the Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta might have had a more open crumb and is a pretty looking loaf it just lacked in taste. Here are a couple of photo's.

This is the measurments I used for 2 loaves.

233 gr. bread flour

100 gr. semolina

4.7 gr. yeast

10  gr. salt

320 gr. water





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Just to be clear... I used the Semolina version and divided recipe to make 2 loaves instead of 3. I beat the dough on a KA for 35 minutes with a dough hook on level 3, and it was just starting to come away from the bottom of the bowl. I think you should take care to make sure dough rises by 3 times as the original author advises. Put it in a well oiled container you can measure the bulk with to make sure it triples.

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Looks good to me, great looking crumb:)

I tried his formula a month or so ago and did not get any thing close to what you got, I "X" through the page, never to try second thinking my decision, based on your pics.

And yes, the taste was "off" so maybe I'll leave that formula alone, on third thought.

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Try this loaf... real easy to make and tastes great. I made this one just a couple of weeks ago.

The crumb isn't as beautiful.... but it tastes great!!