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Start your day with a smile

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Start your day with a smile

Priceless moments of mayhem in the kitchen from KAF

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Thanks for sharing-very funny!

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I should really just take pictures of whatever I make regardless of whether it turns out well or not...  I can look back and have a good laugh!

Some of these pictures remind me of some of my baking mishaps:

In college I baked a cake that was probably about 1" tall going into the oven, and 1" tall coming out...  I think then I ended up blending it up with frosting, and setting it in a pan to set in the fridge...  I don't think we ended up eating this one...


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Thanks, Lindy.  That was fun.

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We've talked about having a place for TFL'ers to post photos of our bloopers. I don't think this was ever done.


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Mini Oven

But so far Susan got the last word/picture in and it don't look blooped enough!  Guess the group could do better with the bloopers.  Floyd's choco cake competes...  TFL vs KAF  in that link.  I wouldn't mind having a spoon in my hand for either cake!   I can see the KAF kitchen doesn't own a flame thrower or we'd see more carmalized cake tops!  My hubby bought me one of those but it scares me to try it.

More bloopers to come...

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Obviously even the pros have their bad days.  Thanks for sharing!