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I Got It Right!!!!!!

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I Got It Right!!!!!!

Well I started with the poolish yesterday (see "I can't get it right") and put it in the oven with just the light on, as was recommended.  Tonite I added the rest of my ingrediants and used the KA standup mixer.  Instead of just mixing the dough until it was just mixed I let the KA go for about 10 min.  The dough was drastically different.

It did not color real well, probably because I was a little nervous and did not want it to over bake.

Anyway, I let it raise once and then put it in the preheated dutch oven.  The loaf raised great and I am waiting for it to cool before we slice into it. 

But the help and hints I received from some of you really helped and I thank you!



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Great news Longwinters. Just the first of many I'm sure.


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Controlling the bake....


I bought an inexpensive kitchen thermometer.  I test all my breads - should reach  190 - 200 degrees when inserted in the center.  I've never really understood the "hollow" sound.



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The oven light helped me a great deal! I figure that is what I am going to have to do for the rest of the winter! Either that or keep the house at an uncomfortable high temp and suffer with an equally uncomfortable heating bill! The oven light seems to make much more sense all the way around!

Isn't this baking fun?!?

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Mini Oven

might work too if you put some insulating material underneath like a wooden board or a folded towel.  Another trick is to boil a cup of water in the micro and then shove it to the back corner before putting the dough container inside and closing the door. 


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I have found that putting the dough in the laundry room while the dryer is running does a great job with the rising.  It has worked many times in the past.  Funny how doing the laundry now makes me hungry for fresh baked bread!

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The laundry room or on top of the dishwasher are great. However, don't place the dough container on top of the washer or dryer because the vibration will shake the dough down as fast as it rises!

Sometimes, I place the dough on the oven (gas) door. BUT, I'm so forgetful that I have to put a chair or something there so I don't run into the corner of the oven door when I go for chocolate in the middle of the night!


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I have dicovered that raising dough on a regular heating pad set on LOW--not any higher-- works quit well, both for the original fermentation and while the dough is raising on sheet pans or whatever.