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Pain Aux Raisins and Cream Cheese Snails

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luv2bake's picture

Pain Aux Raisins and Cream Cheese Snails

This is for floyd, or anyone who's made this recipe~

 I just finished making up the dough for the cream cheese snails,

and noticed by the listed ingredients, you say 3/4 cup of water,

but in the instructions it's 1/2 cup water. I used the 3/4 cup and

instant yeast.......Please let it be 3/4 cup!!

This is a wonderful site, enjoy everyone's expertise, and love all

the pictures. Thanks!

Floydm's picture

I said "replace 1/2 cup of the water with milk." By that I believe I meant to add 1/2 cup of milk and 1/4 cup water, for a total of 3/4 cup liquids. So I think you are good.

Let us know how they turn out.

luv2bake's picture

Thank you so much. I just punched the dough down, and put

in the fridge, so I'm right on track. Nice, sticky, satiny dough.

 I can't wait until tomorrow morning to try these out!

Thanks floyd for an awesome site. I'm just a beginner, and

amazed at everyone's knowledge here.

Best wishes on your new job!