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Throw another loaf on the barbie

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Floydm's picture

Throw another loaf on the barbie

I'm still not ready to make the leap to a brick oven, but I decided to toy with baking on the barbeque today.

I made up a cinnamon raisin cardamom bread to try out there.

bbq bread
bbq bread

I used one of the 99 cent quarry tiles I picked up at Home Depot a while back.

bbq bread

I should admit that I preheated the tile in the oven in the house. I want to bake one loaf in the normal oven as the control, so I went ahead and got the tile hot in there.


bbq bread

I baked it with the lid on the BBQ, obviously.

bbq bread

bbq bread

The lighter of the two is actually the BBQed one. I think I had my oven a bit too hot.

bbq bread

It was fun to try this and certainly good to keep in mind that I could bake even while camping, but I wasn't overwhelmed with the results. I certainly wouldn't say it came out significantly better enough to justify the additional work.

Anyone else tried something like this? Your impressions?


GreyStone's picture

Looks great Floydm.

The Big Green Eggs do an excellent job of baking bread.

John Hall did these on his.

The only problem is that the big one costs about $900.00 us dollars

and the smaller one about $600.00

Bread By John Hall

Ricardo's picture

The look good but, Is this a gas or charcoal barbie?

Everytime I want to make bread on my barbie they get way too smokey



Floydm's picture

My barbeque is charcoal. 

A coworker of mine who does more of this does it on a gas grill.

I was actually suprised how little smoke flavor there was in the bread.  I expected more. 


carltonb's picture

I have a friend who bought a square shaped webber grill. He lined the inside with 1/2 thick fire brick (he cut them himself) He also took the lid and sprayed it with some heat resistant stucco style material.

His grill can now maintain a 500°F temp for quite a long time. Thus allowing him to heat his baking stone on the grill and not in his home oven. 

Carlton Brooks CEPC, CCE Mesa, Arizona