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Grape skin flour

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Grape skin flour


 Does any one have any recipes experience etc using grape skin flour.

 If so could you please post.... qahtan

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He has a recipe using this flour.

The bread looks really nice in the pictures.

Where did you get the flour from? 


My bread blog:

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 I bought the flour grape skin flour at Upper Canada Cheese Company,

 at Jordan, Niagara.

 I was going to go on to the winery to get some grape skin flour but found that the cheese company sold it there. 

 My cheese was delicious, made from a Guernsey herd.

 Haven't tried to flour yet, still looking around for recipes.

 I talked to one of the winery reps this morning and she said for medicinal

reasons she thought the oil was better, but that both are good. 3 capsules a day.


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This company sells grape flour and has a few recipes on their website


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Aroma Cucina

Ciao. Just came across this post and thought you might enjoy my grape skin flour experiments. Well worth the trouble!