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St. Patricks Day Challenge - Spinach and Cheese Bagel and Motcha Red beans Mochi Cake

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St. Patricks Day Challenge - Spinach and Cheese Bagel and Motcha Red beans Mochi Cake

Since today is St Paddys day, Ive come up with something pretty green. I added boiled and blended spinach into the bagel dough giving it the greenery color with the cheese sprinkle on top its delicious!! Happy St Paddys Day and happy baking. 

SD WholeWheat Spinach & Cheese Bagel       
Adopted from      
Total Weight1285      
Weight per Serving107.08333      
Total Flour 701     
Total Water 325     
Total Hydration 46.36%     
Multi-grain % 17.12%     
 Build 1Build 2Build 3SoakerFinal DoughAdd-InTotal
White Starter (100%)25     25
Wholewheat Starter25     25
Rye Starter      0
Yeast Water Levain (100%)      0
Extra-High Protein Flour (>14%)      0
Bread Flour (including 2 Tbs of VWG) 106  450 556
AP Flour      0
Wholemeal Flour       
Wholewheat Flour 106  120 120
Water 137.5  300 300
Milk      0
Soaker      0
Yeast Water      0
Others      0
Yeast    2 2
Salt    12 12
Milk Powder    14 14
SUGAR    14 14
Malt Powder    12 12
     54 54
ADD-IN      0
Cheese     8080
Spinach    175 175
Water Bath       
Food Grade Lye or2tsp      
Baking Soda1Tbp      
Autolyse all ingridient (except Salt, Yeast and Cheese Toppings)20Mins      
Add Salt and yeast then Knead
until its smooth n elastic
20 Mins      
- Divide and relax15Mins      
- Shape       
room temp Second Proof (20C)1:15      
Test for second proof doness - put a bagel in cold water if it floats, proceed
Otherwise room temp proof for another 15-20mins
Test again
Water Bath30Sec Each Side      
Sprinkle Cheese on top and Bake @ 204C (Rotate Once) till Cheese Melt (around 20 Mins)       

tight crumb for a chewy bagel

Apart from the lovely bagels, a green desert is severed with it. This is a combination of Jap and Hawaii initiatives Mochi Cake. Motcha and red beans are always the best combination!! Cheers!



dabrownman's picture

Who would have thought green bagels w/ cheese and green mochi cakes with red beans?  Your SPD Challenge Bake is so inventive and well done - they have to taste great.

I was at the bagel shop years ago and they had a daily special of spinach and cheese bagels one day.  So I got one to taste and they were just one of the best bagel flavors of all time and perfect with a schmear.  I was hooked.  He even did a pumpernickel and spinach swirl (my two favorites) for me one time,  I thought the only problem was that he only made them about once a month.  Then he sold the place and they were never seen again - a bigger problem!  Now I will have ti try to recreate them like you did!

Love your SPD Challenge Bake. CeciC

CeciC's picture

Omg ur pumpernickel swirl with Spanich is such a good idea. IM gonna try it.

do u know how to make a pumpernickel dough? 

dabrownman's picture

version posted by David Snyder that I use for bread

You just want to get the hydration down to bagel level.  The old Baal baker used cocoa and instant coffee to get his color just right.  He also sauteed his spinach, to get the water out with onion, garlic m salt and pepper and when it cooled he added cheese to the saute.  He then rolled out the dough and put the spinah in as a filling for both dough (like cinnamon rolls),  then rolled them up and twisted the white and dark together like a babka.  He then hand rolled them out to the right bagel thickness, form them over the knuckles, and refrigerate them overnight.  He also made some pumpernickel only with spinach filling but the marble ones were just as good. 


CeciC's picture

Hi Dab,

I finally have my wheat sprouting, i can see its little tail. They are really cute. I will mixed it into my pumpkin bread this week (even though I should have it with pumpkin seed instead) but who care they are so cute what a waste not to use them straight away.


dabrownman's picture

They play well with others so they won't mind being in pumpkin bread at all ...or any more than pumpkin seeds mind being in wheat bread:-)