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Video of Tartine process

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Video of Tartine process

The short film The Art of Making Bread appears to show the Tartine bread process from start to finish, with some minor variations. Might be helpul for someone trying to learn the techniques, especially the fold-in-the-bowl part.

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That video was pretty interesting. Always nice to watch others do things correctly. The slashing was neat, I never dig that deep, maybe that's why it usually does not work too well. Thanks for the link. Jean

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Beautiful relaxed way this baker has. Wish I could be more like that..

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I really like the way Zac mixes and bakes - is anyone crafty enough to put together a recipie - I love all the bits mixed in at the start - seems a nice simple process with a few stretch and folds - quite high hydration by the look of it - who can re-create it xxx Sue

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Thank you for sharing this :) I am a completely new beginner with wild yeast sourdough...very inspirational :)