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The rose baguette

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Fin fin

The rose baguette

These days I've been trying hard to my baguettes.  (still working on it...)

a few days ago, I got an idea to add a little beauty and fragrant to the dough--- the dried rosebuds from the rosebuds tea... For the flour, I just randomly mix what I have in hand.  The smell of the rose baguette is so beautiful when it's baking and after it's done^^~. 


poolish: (room temp. 12-16 hours)

200.5g of organic artisan breakers craft plus malted flour + 100 T55

yeast 1/8 tsp

water 300.5g

the dough:

200g of  organic artisan breakers craft plus malted flour

100.5 of T55 

and all the poolish

baking time : 25 mins on the stone at 550f for 3 mins with hot water steam and drop to 460f for another 22 mins.




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Fin fin

Thank you^^

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 rose.  Almost too good looking ti eat - Well maybe not!  Wish I could crunch away on that crust with you!

Happy baking

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Fin fin

i always have the rosebuds tea everyday~ very good to soomth the body And comfort the mind~  To the bread was the first time try, and we all love it!   Get a try and you will love it, too~

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in the baguette. Intriguing idea. Does it give any taste to your baking? I baked and cooked with lavender before and I cannot deny that I am missing this flower a lot. But I never thought about baking with roses.

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Fin fin

This is amazing flavour.  Just like brewing a hot rose tea while baking the baguette in the oven~ ( I gently removed the buds from each  dried rose... ) Before I always use lavender, but not as perfect as the rose!

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Your photograph ofyourbakeis stunning.  those are org  interesting and deliciousBaguettes. I may incorporate roses in a future bake.

Warm Regards,


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Fin fin

Casey, thank you^^~

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I would much rather receive these than a dozen roses! Gorgeous and the fragrance must have been delightful!

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Fin fin

and really delightful, indeed~

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The photo of your bake is staggering.  those are org  intriguing and delicious baguettes. I may join roses in a future heat.

Warm Regards, Sonia

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Fin fin

Have a try^^~ Life is full with surprise!!