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Fin fin

These days I've been trying hard to my baguettes.  (still working on it...)

a few days ago, I got an idea to add a little beauty and fragrant to the dough--- the dried rosebuds from the rosebuds tea... For the flour, I just randomly mix what I have in hand.  The smell of the rose baguette is so beautiful when it's baking and after it's done^^~. 


poolish: (room temp. 12-16 hours)

200.5g of organic artisan breakers craft plus malted flour + 100 T55

yeast 1/8 tsp

water 300.5g

the dough:

200g of  organic artisan breakers craft plus malted flour

100.5 of T55 

and all the poolish

baking time : 25 mins on the stone at 550f for 3 mins with hot water steam and drop to 460f for another 22 mins.



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Fin fin

Since my KA is out of order at this moment. I still want to make some bread for my boys.  (The little one wants to have French toast everyday!!!)  actually it's not to hard to manage the dough... It just requires more time and strength!!!  A hard work added to a house wife's list><"...  Good thing, it's done and still reached to my satisfaction!!

the poolish (270g water, 30g honey, 2g yeast and 250g bread flour and 50g whole wheat)

the dough: 300g bread flour, 20 sugar, 8g sea salt, 3g yeast, 80g mashed banana, 20g of cold milk, and 30g of butter- no salt.

baking pan: same big as the pervious one.

30 mins autolyse

1000+ kneadings by hand until passing the windowpane test

1.5 hours fermentation (plus flip over when 1 hour passes)

2 times shaping dough restings

oven: 340F 38mins and extra 2 mins staying at the oven after turns off.

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Fin fin

For those days between baking, I always make my kids to have some food from my side (we are a mixed family^^~).  For these steamed pork/vegetable buns, are very healthy and delight!!  They can be the between after school or when the lazy days come over me, I just simply steam them in the bamboo steamer to bring back to puff in a short time!!  So, I always make a few dozens of buns and save in the freezer:)))))))

it uses to be plain, the white color; today I made them with pumpkin purée, so it's "sunny-yellow"!!! 

P.S: I am very new here... Still need some time to get used to all these functions... Sorry be very slow..\\^^"

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Fin fin

Sometimes, we do need this healthy looking bread as for sandwiches or little mid-night snacks... I like to add some different dried berries ( after over night soaking in the rum) and enfanced some nutty flavour - walnut^^~

A slice



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Fin fin

We love pain de mie a lot, the kids specially.  Yogurt makes the bread even better as the second part of liquid after the poolish is added!

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Fin fin

This is the first time I post here... Just give it a try!  I've been baking for couple years and learning everything about baking online.  Here is the pain de mie by using the poolish Dough, my best love version!!

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