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Yorkshire puds

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Yorkshire puds

 A challenge like bread, but easy when you know how,,, qahtan

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Your post put me in mind of an old Stanley Holloway poem about Yorkshire puddings.

Care to share your method? Mine always come out flat :(

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Laura T.

In my experience, the trick is to heat the oil in the oven in the tray until it is smoking hot before adding the batter. Get them in the oven and don't open the door until they're almost done :)

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I like my batter to rest in the fridge as long as possible, All day?? yes.

I also use use cold  tap water.

Heat a hint of oil in pan a minute 400f .  qahtan

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for Yorkshire puds - for a supper dish, bake the batter in small flan tins, and make a savoury filling eg corn and tuna.

My Gran. was from York and served the small ones with golden syrup as a dessert.


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My mum used to like them with currants in. . all good Yorkshires are good, hot or cold... qahtan