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ITJB FR Week 4 Honey Balls pg. 235

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ITJB FR Week 4 Honey Balls pg. 235

Let me start this post with the disclaimer....

I am sure this is NOT what Honey Balls should look like... 

You will be able to tell that we 3 gmas... are not experienced in this Jewish Rosh Hashanah tradition... and have never even seen a Honey Ball in real life!  So, trying to make these was an adventure... I am certain those great bakers of this yearly candy will find our attempt... laughable... with no disrespect to the tradition and the memories held dear... I will for the sake of honesty post my pictures.

 hind sight being 20-20 and all that ... I have figured out that my cookie pieces needed to be more the same size as the pieces of nuts and candies I was adding into the sauce... which would have made much more volume in the bowl for the sauce to cover, and given it a "popcorn ball" feeling for me.  Since I was determined to bring a tennis ball sized candy down to bite size... I really should of thought of that.

 these pieces of nuts  

                      and candies should have been the same size as the cookie pieces.

These kind of look like fruitcake cookie pralines! 


Barb's are more rounded than mine. I like how these look!

This week's cooking will be the poster child for "we learn from our mistakes"... my apologies to the folks who do this well.   Please make these and post your pictures, for our knowledge and inspiration. Share your stories and let us see candies that look like the pictures posted in the book, opposite the rainbow cake.

Looking forward to getting "back to Bread" next week with Barley Bread on pages 87-88. Whatever the result, we enjoy the time baking together, and will share our stories.

See you here for week 5.



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created a new, exciting and visually pleasing Passover, Rosh Hashanah or Hanukkah treat.  'Jazzy Half Moon Honey Squares with Nuts and Candies.'  In my book is always room for another variation of Teiglach if they taste good - and I'm sure yours do taste great!  Hey, if Italians can put sprinkles on their honey balls and stack them up to look like Christmas trees.....

Did you girls make your own matzoh or did you make some kind of cookies?  I'm going to use some cake meal (crushed matzoh) in some bread of some kind today for International Bread Day.

Nice baking and good luck on the barley bread.

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is usually fried though and you could leave off those sprinkles...... still either tooth breakers or sticky confection...

Jazzy Half Moon Squares sounds good to me....although the ones I made missed the Jazzy part by a mile or two

We used the cookie recipe in ITJB.

The Barley Bread looks like it will be a challenge, not the least of which will be finding the barley flour.

Glad there are other bakes to do this week. Last night was pizza night. Made individual pies from Silverton's recipe (mostly). I was going to freeze the three leftover dough balls but my grandaughter thought of how good they would be with apples sliced on the mandoline, mixed with brown sugar and butter, baked and then drizzled with carmel sauce and a bit of cream. So we had dessert pizza also. My new oven heats up to 550 degrees (enough to separate the remnants of a previously cracked baking stone.) Think I'll stick to the 500 degree range.

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Here is a picture of Barb's pizza... looks yummy

What a great birthday party her grandson Michael must have had with Gramma making the pizzas.


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the granddaughter didn't ask for some Jazzy Half Moon Honey Squares to top off her apple desert pizza = with a scoop of ice cream too.  I know I would and I'm about 8 years old most of the time and about as old a men get  :-)

To get barley flour, I go to Whole Foods to buy the grain and grind it at home.  I usually just use it as a soaker though.

Happy Baking