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Tsoureki - Challah

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Tsoureki - Challah

I recently made the Greek Easter bread, tsoureki. It's similar to a challah.  A rich and sweet  egg bread that is braided with 3 strands. I made 6 loaves and all of them have a section in the braid where the dough looks pulled and torn. How can I prevent this from happening again?  I'm not sure if it means it was over or under proofed or something I did in the baking part?  Thanks for any feedback in advance.  

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It would help greatly if you could provide a picture or a much more detailed description of the problem.


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Based just on your post, and I agree withYerffej, that pictures are almost always required when trying to detect and solve problems with bread products, as well as an indepth discription. I would start by watching if your strands got twisted and those spots are actually turned seam side up. It is very easy to twist as you braid and since it sounds like your baking for your family, don't rush when braiding. An easily corrected mistake. I wouls still like pics of the finished braids and a close-up of the problem areas, to be sure.