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Problem with my culture

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Problem with my culture

this morning i found my culture with a layer of water separated from the culture is fed  2 times a day and left on a table ,is my culture gone sour?.


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What is your process for refreshing?

You say that you feed twice a day - is that at 12 hr intervals or is it 8 and 16 hrs or something else?

What is the feeding ratio and is it always the same? And what is the temperature between the feedings?

What are you feeding it with? Rye, whole wheat, all purpose, bread flour, with salt added?

Generally hooch on top is a message that it was not fed enough or not fed recently.

If daytime temperatures are warm (25°C), the refresh ratio should be at least 1:10:10.


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Mini Oven

when did you start it?    Welcome to TFL!  :)

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With 100% hydration, one can expect some separation, ie, an aqueous layer (hooch) over the solid layer.  I just stir it all together and refresh.  Some people like to throw away the hooch.