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Name this scale?

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Name this scale?


I found this for a dollar at a yard sale 20 years ago and have used it to measure for cooking/baking ever since. It measures grams on one side oz on the other and works by sliding the band on the spoon until it balances. ( I think the photo shows it clearly balanced empty) I have compared it to all types of scales. It is very accurate.

no one seems to know what it is called or where it is from?
Anyone here have any idea?
Does anyone else have one?

It is aluminum and sadly reacted with something in my sink recently, but measures fine.

It would be fun to finally have some history on my favorite kitchen tool, perhaps there is a source for them?


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A google image search on "antique balance scale" turned up this photo.

Here is a link with a little information regarding scales like your very cool scale:



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Weird.  That's pretty cool.


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Someone has one for sale on right now for $40.  It looks in worse condition than yours but just because they listed it for $40 doesn't mean someone will buy it.  If it did, I'd be a lot richer from the stuff I've been flogging. ;-) 

The listing for the spoon scale is

My shop is

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Very cool thanks! Well if you ever see one and love really cool looking, practical, kitchen tools...this totally fits

Plus looking around it is not spendy

I keep it on my windowsill and use it every day! You scoop balance and weigh! It works perfectly.