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A Challah for slicing and freezing

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A Challah for slicing and freezing

Today my wife asked me to make a Challah for slices that she will use from the freezer.

I usually bake braided or snail shapes, but for a sandwhich or a snack, a loaf made in my adjustable non-stick pan is ideal.

It took me about 6 years to develop my recipe.

It is very soft, fluffy, slightly sweet, with an unusual flavor note that is hard to guess.

People invite us to dinner beacuse I bring some fresh bread, not just because of my charming personality.  lol


Side note*  I am VERY particular about bread knives.  

I have been sharpening knives for many years, but only recently did I learn how to sharpen a serrated edge.


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I received a PM and I thought it may make sense to add it to my thread:

I see in the picture the white bread cutter. Where did you get that? Looks really neat. I could use one of those, because when I make a loaf, my cutting skills go disarray and sloppy. Challah looks great by the way!

Presto Bread Slicing Guide  for $2.00 at Goodwill.

I learned that it is best used by slicing the first slice, remove it  (2 shown), slide the loaf, make another slice...

When you hold the load against the end, the slice is bound on one side by a hard surface.

If you keep the loaf fixed and attempt to cut though all the slots, the slices will not be as uniform as with the single slice method.

A SHARP serrated bread knife is a must for clean slices.