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ITJB Week 11: Black and White Cookies (2/11/12 - 2/18/12)

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ITJB Week 11: Black and White Cookies (2/11/12 - 2/18/12)

I have to admit to  never even having heard of Black and White cookies until my copy of ITJB came in the mail -- and they look delightful! I'm planning on making these in a heart shape for Valentine's day, and suspect that they will woo my kids and husband well. As always, I'm enjoying everyone's stories and pictures, and look forward to this set, too!

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We 3 sisters baked together as usual on this challenge. We all had very individual results but liked the recipe and the cookies went really fast.... testimony to their goodness!   

Very moist batter, looked a great deal like the sour cream coffee cake batter.  

We decided to "paint" the bottoms because the flatness would make the lines more even.

These are gmabaking2's (Helen's) Large Black and Whites.

These are Barb's (gmabaking)... they are even larger than Helen's.

Then there are mine... I made mine about 2" instead of 4" or 5"... so my recipe made over 5 dozen... they were very good... I speak in the past-tense... as do my sisters.

Another fun challenge, erratas noted and challenge completed... I can already taste next week's cheesecake!

;-) Diane

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Your cookies look beautiful...this week has been way too busy so far, hoping to bake on Friday.


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I confess, it was the size of the cookies in the Seinfeld (On Youtube) episode that I was aiming for.. if the world would really get along wouldn't it be great! Rather than frost the whole cookie with the white icing first, I found it easier to balance if I just frosted a little past the halfway mark, let it set a few minutes, then added the chocolate. Good recipe, the Valentine Hearts sound like a great adaption.

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Bread Breaddington

Huh, I didn't even realize that these are a real thing.

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Before you make that 100% Cream Cheese Cheesecake... the salt may be an overlooked errata... DO NOT PUT IT IN THE RECIPE... IT IS AWFUL!!! I have checked several other cheesecake recipes and they don't have salt... Now I know why... it is horrid.

When I post the pictures -- you will see they are pretty... but don't eat them... with the salt in there!!! If you haven't baked yet... LEAVE OUT THE SALT!!!


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I believe that the salt in the Cream Cheesecake recipe should be flour instead... like in the sour cream cheesecake recipe below the insructions... The sour cream cheesecake has no salt... but it has flour... LIKE all the other recipes for cream cheese cheesecake I can find.


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Since I baked early for the challenge, guess it is okay to bake early for the challenge twice.  As noted above the recipe with so much salt was pretty awful. Thought they would be elated but even the cats were suspicious.  The redo was great and even if you add up the cost of replacement ingredients,  I don't think you would find this quality available to buy readymade for twice the price.

The second bake I followed the recipe except for leaving out the salt, added  1 Tablespoonful of all purpose flour and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. It turned out very nice, smooth and silky and tasted very good. Since my favorite taster was looking forward to a dessert of cheesecake last night, I didn't take time to let all the ingredients come to room temperature and that was noticable in that it was not quite as smooth prior to baking and had a few bubbles on top.

Made the berry sauce with ClearJel and would definitely recommend using it for any fruit filling.