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Randy the baking intern

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Randy the baking intern

This past week Randy came up from Missoula, MT to help us out at the bakery.  It was a very busy week as we had plenty of special orders plus the usual wholesale and farmers' market work to do.  Fortunately we had perfect weather for both farmers' markets and we had lots of happy customers at both of them.  On Saturday we had quite the customer demand as Sharon and I quickly filled the orders and Randy worked his butt off to keep the shelves filled with bread and the display cases stocked with pastries (sound familiar Thomas?).  If you haven't experienced it yet, it's a very gratfiying feeling to have worked your hardest for the week and to have dozens of very pleased customers waiting in line to enjoy the breads and pastries you've produced.
Thanks for the hard work, Randy, and I hope you show off some of the baking skills you've learned at home for your family.


PS If you missed Thomas' account of his most recent experience at the bakery, you can see it here.


Randy paying his dues the Back Home Bakery way


Me watching in wonder as Randy tackles 18 loaves worth of stretch and fold


Happy Randy as he boules up 27 pounds of dough after a stretch-and-fold






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At first glance, the title appeared to say "Randy baking intern".  I wasn't sure I wanted to know where that was headed.  But then I realized that I had missed the word "the" in between "Randy" and "baking".  I'm feeling much better now....

Congratulations, Randy, on surviving Mark's bakery boot camp.  And great work with the big S&F, too.


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Sounds like you might be a little bit sleep deprived, or maybe just in the baking mode. 


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Mark, I have learned so much over the last few years from the videos and from your pictures and really appreciate how hard you work! I can also tell how much satisfaction you get when I see the expression on your face in the videos when you look over your breads. The camera captures it! The interns you sponsor work hard but what experience they accumulate!

Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks clazar123.  It's interesting to see what each of the interns gets out of the week they're here.  As each week wears on us, it's hard to see the progress, but at the end of the week when it comes together everyone feels great at what's been accomplished.


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18 loaves .... It is indeed a big batch ;)

Thanks for sharing Mark! I also made great use of your posts and videos :)