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a little unleavened levity

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a little unleavened levity

Tis the seasoned for a little unleavened levity. This video is about dough, but not bread. It's about what not to do with gnocchi.  Starts off a little dull but it's worth staying through to the end. Infectiously funny . . .

Ho ho ho!


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Thanks, I needed that!

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Well I am glad some of you enjoyed my cooking disaster :)

Maybe I could make bread that would explode? Any recipes out there?

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Oh my gosh, I'm star-strucked!  You're quite the hit around here. I must compliment you on one of the most delightful laughs ever. I've seen your gnocchi mishap a few times and it always has me laughing so hard I cry.

BTW, I believe homemade gnocchi would be even worse than storebought for frying because the moisture content is much higher.

Happy Holidays.  And if ever the cooking demo thing doesn't work out, you'd be a great Santa!