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Dragels (dray-gulls like bagels)
My second attempt at bagels made with a Durum sourdough starter and Durum flour. Changes from first attempt; hydration lowered to 57% and honey substituted for molasses.
Mixing and kneading were difficult at this hydration although the dough softened after a few hours of fermentation and proofing, yet the dough didn't have the strength expected of such a low hydration. This is half of the dough originally mixed, the other half is sitting in the fridge for tomorrows bake. Hopefully more bacteria from the overnight fermentation will strengthen the dough.

Third one to follow ~ Jim

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Dragels (dray-gulls like bagels)
My first attempt at bagels made with a Durum sourdough starter and Durum flour. This is a seat of the pants, see what happens, work in a few different ways to make bagels. I'll go into detail and a formula when I'm happy with the results.

Quick rundown: sourdough Durum dough treated like a no knead with an overnight rise in the fridge. Out of fridge, stretch and fold, one hour bulk ferment, shape and short proof. All good up to this point. Poaching; didn't go very well as illustrated by the odd look, too much molasses made them too dark, once in the poaching fluid they became very weak and wanted to fall apart. Did my best to hold them together and here are the results.

As far as taste; not too bad. The molasses over powered the sweet I was expecting from the Durum.

For me it was fun and enlightening.
Bakers always rise to the occasion ~ Jim

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Following on the latest post of Varda, I'm giving Durum another go. Reading posts here, books  and other reading I'm treating Durum more like Rye and Whole Wheat. An additional point from Leaders book gives the dough a little more salt a final shape before going into oven. The vita C was my idea.

Makes two loaves.

Starter build;
50g KA Chakki Atta sour seed/starter (66% hydration)
120g Water
200g KA Chakki Atta flour
Overnite sourdough build of 12 hours

Final Dough;
800g KA Durum Flour
560g Water
24g Salt
500mg Vita C tab, crushed and dissolved in the water
370g starter

Bakers Percent;
100% flour
68% water
2.3% salt

5 mins, Hand/spoon mix (all the above)
30 mins, rest
5 mins, knead with rolling pin
10 mins, rest
(knead and rest three times)
Stretch and fold
30 mins, bulk ferment
Stretch and fold
30 mins, bulk ferment
Divide and rough shape
15 mins, rest
Rough shape (pre-heat oven 475°F with stone and cover)
30 mins, proof at 80°F (in home made proof box)
Final gentle shape with brown rice flour and place on parchment paper, slash
(no more proofing)
Slide loaf/s with parchment into oven, add steam
10 mins, add more steam
10 mins, lower oven to 400°F
5 mins (remove cover if using) lower oven to 350°F
10 mins more then turn off oven, open oven door and vent
(use newspaper or similar to fan oven)
Close oven and leave bread in for 10 more mins
Cool and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Batard and Large knotted roll.

Batard 14" long and large roll 9".

Nice thin crispy crust with a hint of sweet. I'm thinking this dough could make a nice bagel.


P.S. Sorry Varda no tunnel of love :-)

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