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Dragels Two

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Dragels Two

Dragels (dray-gulls like bagels)
My second attempt at bagels made with a Durum sourdough starter and Durum flour. Changes from first attempt; hydration lowered to 57% and honey substituted for molasses.
Mixing and kneading were difficult at this hydration although the dough softened after a few hours of fermentation and proofing, yet the dough didn't have the strength expected of such a low hydration. This is half of the dough originally mixed, the other half is sitting in the fridge for tomorrows bake. Hopefully more bacteria from the overnight fermentation will strengthen the dough.

Third one to follow ~ Jim


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Frequent Flyer

They are getting there.  How was the taste?


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Not sure why there's salt in the poaching liquid, but I'm leaving it out for the next batch. The taste leans more toward a soft pretzel than a bagel. If you're familiar with the taste of 100% durum, that's most of the flavor. It wants you to believe it's sweet and it almost is. The chew is fairly close to a regular bagel, just a little softer.