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hello from Massachusetts

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hello from Massachusetts

hello everybody!

My name is manuela and I live in Massachusetts. Despite having registered a long time ago never found the time to really participate. Hopefully now I will. I enjoy baking bread, cookies and cakes using historical recipes--or receipts :) . I will be happy to share the recipes and photos of the ones I have tried so far. There are some really delectable gems in old cookbooks!

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I'm originally from Connecticut, now living in Oregon. Look forward to your posts of historical recipes.

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I live in MA also, in the Southern Berkshires.



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Manuela, Great to hear you are going to be making some older recipes. I think you will find the people here are very interested in historical bakery. We have had some very interesting threads of reproducing "Grandmas" breads. I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, I lived in Salem and Marblehead for a time. Love the East coast! Wisconsin is my home now.


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Thank you!

I have just moved to a new house and as soon as my kitchen is ready I'll post a recipe--soon :)


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Welcome! I'm baking in Watertown, MA, though I'll soon (August) be heading out to the West Coast (Corvallis, Ore.).

Welcome to the forum!

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I'm a newbie to the site and to baking! I welcome your expertise and talents!

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Hallo from Down Under 13000 miles away - that is what is so nice about this URL I am a converted No Knead bread baker and I have lovely bread everytime without the NYT NKB recipe I would still be buying commercial