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Multigrain with Trinity 2 levains and YW

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Multigrain with Trinity 2 levains and YW

Nothing different except I frequently swap out my grains so as to get through my inventory. Milled  the grains right before using them they were  still warm. Mixed everything except salt autolyse 30 min. KA mixer 7 min speed 2  adding in the salt and some extra held back water. Cleaned the bowl as usual with a perfect ratio of dry/ wet ingredients. 

I am very pleased with the crumb and crust and amazing wheat flavor. Made great grilled cheese sandos. Don’t recall ever making 3 loaves as identical as these 3! 😊

335g Yecora Rojo berries Barton Spring 

335g T85

232 Generic WW berries

100g Danko Rye berries Barton Springs

250g mixed levains - one rye starter one YW starter

200g active Apple YW

350g water

23 g salt

Trinity- 40 g EACH EVOO, Honey and Buttermilk

450 degrees Graniteware roaster 20 min lid on 20 minutes lid off. 


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Wow they all look amazing Caroline.  Wish I could have a slice.


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Wish you could too. Hope to one day meet up and share a loaf and stories. It made delicious grilled sandwiches. c

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Great looking soft crumb.  I see you’re loving the Barton Springs Mill berries as well.  I have a new variety I used ready to go into the oven in a few,  I’ll let you know how it comes out soon.  Also, I’m curious if you find such a small amount of buttermilk has an effect on the bake.  I usually use buttermilk in place of most if not all of the water in the main dough.



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It is a wonderful crumb and I got the shaping and scoring and baking temp perfect. I can hardly wait to use up all my flours and start with some new ones from Barton Springs, I love their grains and their shipping is so reasonable as well. I have made David's buttermilk rye many times and it uses all buttermilk . To tell the truth the 40g in a 2100 gram batch is very noticeable. It makes a big difference in the flavor and texture as well as fermentation. It is so much less calories for such a rewarding enhancement to the bread. I do believe it is also because the Trinity works together and I get a lot of bang for my buck. Of course the YW plays a big part as well. It's definitely a team effort of  ingredients. I look forward to your   bake. c