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Hey All, 

I finally started a project and unintentionally ditched the blog.  So much social media work and i had no blogging left.

Thought I'd say hello to any of the folks still hanging around and show some of my work/progress.

I've started my own cottage food operation in the way northern California coast using a reservation based model. Baking twice a week.  All whole grains are milled in house.  The large majority of the breads are naturally leavened but some classics with commercial yeast.  Or combination of both.  But I'm not here to advertise just check in as a peer.  

I owe a lot to this site.  When my obsession took hold this was a place that had tons of information, a place to document what I was doing, and real time like minded people. 

Oven:  Rofco B40

Mill : Jansen 8" stone mill

Mixer : offbrand single speed one direction spiral mixer (hands hurt after a year) 


Here some classic baguettes, NY Rye, pretzels, Sesame Wheat, and Multi Grain Vollkornbrot

Next some Big Bird which is my Spelt Country dough with sunflower, sesame, flax, and poppy seed

And inspired by this page so I left it's name as such

San Joaquin Sourdough with 25% Red Spring California (Yecora Rojo) wheat and 5% rye and a liquid levain

I'll be sure and get back over and share more often than not.  Hope all is well here at TFL


Josh (very new and not totally finished website)

JoshFox Bread @ Facebook

joshfox_bread_ @ Instagram


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Took a few weeks off from the WFO while the owner left town and got back to the good ol Gas Kenmore.  Nothing too fancy but I did do two more runs of the Sun Loaf.  One for my weekly bake and again for a traveling bread friend from Instagram who was passing through.  I'm kinda hooked to this loaf at the moment.  But I'll talk about a new loaf that came about this past week in the WFO.  I'll share some pics of the Sun from the home oven as well.  

I've taken my Pain au Levain and multi purposed it into a 6 grain loaf that was quite good in the past but I just used Bob's Red Mill Organic 6 Grain.  This time I opted to create my own soaker.  I split it even with Rolled Rye, Flaxseed, Toasted Sesame, and Toasted Oat Groats.  The results are still delicious after a few days and you gotta love the added shelf life that comes from adding a soaker or scald to a bread. 

*Note  I hold back about 5% of the final water from the autolyse to help incorporate the levain and the salt.  


 Total Flour0.720Autolyse 2 hours. Hold Back 5% H20       DDT 78 
 #WeightSeed 1 H200.005Add Levain/Sour and Squeeze through. Add Salt and squeeze through. 
Shape 120.800Kg.Seed 2 H200.001Slap and Fold 5 minutes to moderate gluten develpment. Add soaker to combine. 
Rolls00.000Kg.Seed Flour10.008Bulk 3:00 with folds @ 20,40,60,120 minutes.  
   Kg.Seed Flour20.001Preshape, rest 30, Shape and retard 15-18 hours 
TDW 1.616Kg  Bake 500 steam 20 minutes Vented 25-30 more  
   PF10.094 PF 20.029PF Flour   
  Stiff Wheat13.0% Rye Sour4.0%    
  Seed Hyd66%166.00%Seed Hyd100%200.00%17.00%   
 Total FormulaStiff WheatRye SourFINAL DOUGH   
Rolled Rye0.0365.00%         
Sesame, toasted0.0365.00%         
Oat Groats, toasted0.0365.00%         
H200.14420.00%    Total Soaker0.291   
Salt0.0162.16%    Salt0.016   

12 Hours @ 72-75F


The first run of Sun in the home oven.

And the next for the visitor and 7 the Dog did a great Photobomb here.  


And the Crumb

Happy Baking All



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Busy Busy Busy it has been.  New job in a restaurant while still doing my weekly bake.  But the weekly bake has found a new friend  of whom has built a lovely Wood Fired Oven aimed at bread baking.  It has some steam injection via pressure cooker and a pipe that works better than either of us had expected.  So the past month Forno Giorgio (the oven) has been our "boss".  And he's a great boss.  I thought it would begin with epic fails but it turns out baking is baking and we just learn to adjust to new environments.  

I've made a few new loaves that I'd love to share with you all.  

The first of which is Pane de Grits a 34% Fresh Milled Grain Levain loaf (30% White Wheat 4 % Rye)  packed with 50% fully prepared Cheesy Grits.  This was inspired by the Cheesy grits I'm making at the restaurant that are so good.  The cheese is quite mild but the loaf got much praise. Like a porridge loaf it had great moisture, made great toast, had excellent shelf life, and the grits added great flavor.  

To make the grits bring the liquids (I use half milk and half water) and salt to a boil and add the grits.  Whisk until they have taken on most of the liquid and become a very loose porridge (5-7 minutes).  Turn the heat to low/medium and let simmer stirring every few minutes until the grain is tender (20-30 minutes).  At this point shut off the heat and add the butter, pepper, and cheese.  Stir to combine and cool.  

Pane de Grits    Kg 
   Total Flour0.647 
 #Weight  Seed 1 H200.006 
Shape 120.750Kg.  Seed 2 H200.000 
   PF10.107 PF 20.000PF Flour
  Stiff Wheat16.5% PF20.0% 
  Seed Hyd66%166.00%Seed Hyd100%200.00%16.50%
 Total FormulaStiff WheatPF2FINAL DOUGH
Pepper 0.0020.28%      
H20/Milk0.21733.55%    Total Soaker0.369
Malt0.0010.17%    Malt0.001
Salt0.0142.16%    Salt0.014

Levain - 10-12 hours @ 75F

Autolyse 2 hours. Hold Back 5% H20 DDT 76-78
Add Levain, Porridge and some H20 combine.
Now Salt remaining H20. Mix to moderate Strength.
Bulk 3:00 with folds @ 20,40,1:00, 1:45, 2:30
tight preshape, rest 30, Shape proof 1 hour and retard 15-18 hours
Bake 480 steam 15 minutes/460 Vented 25-30 more





Next up is "The Sun Loaf"  90% Fresh Milled Hard White Wheat, 10% Fresh Milled Rye with 12% toasted Sunflower Seeds.  The oven builder has his loaf which is a 100% Fresh Milled Wheat Loaf and I wouldn't want to make competition of things but do want to get back to the 100% Fresh Milled Whole Grain bread making/baking.  So this I conjured up without a test run and it went over swimmingly. I probably could have proofed them a bit longer and the dough could have handled a bit more hydration.  


100% WG Sun Loaf    Kg 
   Total Flour0.753 
 #Weight  Seed 1 H200.002 
Shape 120.800Kg.  Seed 2 H200.000 
   PF10.053 PF 20.000PF Flour
  LEVAIN7.0% PF 20.0% 
  Seed Hyd66%166.00%Seed Hyd0%100.00%7.00%
 Total FormulaWheat LevainPF2FINAL DOUGH
Hard White Wheat0.67890.00%0.050100.00%0.0000.00%Hard White Wheat0.625
Sunflower Seed, toasted0.09012.00%    Sunflower Seed, toasted0.090
Salt0.0192.50%0.0000.00% 0.00%Salt0.019
Autolyse 20-60 minutes Hold back 10% H20 DDT 73F
Add levain with some H20 to incorporate. Add salt and combine.
Mix to medium development and bassinage.
Bulk 1 hour at room temp with folds @ 20,40,60 Retard 12 hours.
Preshape to tight rounds and rest 45-60 mintues. Shape and proof 2:00-3:00
Bale 500 with steam for first 20 minutes. Vent for 20-30 more. Cool completely


Here's some more pics I've pulled out of the oven in the past few weeks and maybe one of Seven at the beach

Happy Baking All


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Been adding/improving some of my formulas of late.  I have a most excellent chocolate brownie recipe but have been tinkering with my cocoa brownie for some time.  The most recent bake was my favorite yet so I thought I'd share.  Why bother when I have a great chocolate brownie recipe already?  Well they are quite different and a cocoa brownie is much more affordable to make as good chocolate gets pricey fast.  And maybe that bit of crazy has something to do with it as well.  

Tinkered with my five grain formula for a Toasted Millet (Birdseed Levain).  I toasted the millet and then added a small amount of starter when soaking to put a bit of ferment on them as well.  The smell of the soaker the next morning was amazing.  The loaf turned really tasty.  A finer crumb but I think it suited the loaf quite well.  

A friend/baker stopped in passing through. His focus is very much on 100% whole grain breads but since I knew we'd only have one afternoon to work I settled on a loaf with 60% Whole Grain (28.5% Hard Red Wheat, 28.5% Hard White Wheat, and 5% Rye) all fresh milled.  I went with a direct method and upped the Pre-fermented flour to 25%.  Added some diastatic malt mostly for flavor and a vibrant/lively dough. Turned out just fantastic IMHO.  

Well I'll share some pics and the formula and let you get on with your day.  

First up the JP 60% Wholegrain loaf.  

For 4 - 850g loaves or 2 - 1.7KG Miche

   PF10.448 PF 20.000PF Flour
  Levain25.0% PF 20.0% 
  Seed Hyd66%166.00%Seed Hyd0%100.00%25.00%
 Total FormulaStiff LevainPF2FINAL DOUGH
Fresh HRW0.51128.50%0.14634.00%0.0000.00%Fresh HRW0.347
Fresh HWW0.51128.50%0.0000.00%0.0000.00%Fresh HWW0.511
Fresh Rye0.0543.00%0.0000.00%0.000100.00%Fresh Rye0.054
White (11.5%)0.71740.00%0.29666.00%0.0000.00%White (11.5%)0.421
Malt 0.0070.37%0.0000.00%0.0000.00%Malt 0.007


Prepare Levain @ 73F and let ferment 10-12 hours. 

Autolyse 1 hour DDT 80F (Hold Back 10% H20 and malt)

Add Levain, malt, and some of held back water and mix to combine.  

Add Salt with a touch of h20 and mix to medium development. 

Bassinage with 5% h20 (so use half of held back water for mixing levain and salt)

Bulk 2:30 with a fold right at end of mix, then 3 folds @ 40, 1:20, 2:00

Divide, preshape, rest 20 minutes.  Shape to floured bowl.  

Proof 1:15 - 1:30 

Bake 500 with steam for 17 mintues and vented for 30-35 more.  

Photo is above


Birdseed Levain (Toasted Fermented Millet) For 2 @ 750g

   PF10.095 PF 20.000PF Flour
  Liquid Levain13% Rye Sour0% 
  Seed Hyd66%166.00%Seed Hyd100%200.00%13.00%
 Total FormulaLiquid LevainRye SourFINAL DOUGH
White Wheat0.23432.00%0.087100.00%0.0000.00%White Wheat0.139
Milet Flour0.0669.00%0.0000.00%0.0000.00%Milet Flour0.066
Millet Toasted0.11015.00%      
H200.11015.00%    Total Soaker0.222
Malt0.0020.30%    Malt0.002
Salt0.0182.50%    Salt0.018

Make Soaker and Levain 12 hours ahead.  

Autolyse 90 minutes DDT 80F (Hold Back 10% H20)

Soften levain with 3% of the held back water and mix to combine well.  

Add Salt with 1 % held back water and mix until just showing signs of gluten developing.  

Bassinage with remaining H20.  

Bulk 4:00 with 2 folds @ 1:00 and 2:00

Preshape, rest 20-30 minutes, Shape to floured bowls.  Retard 12-18 hours

Bake 500 with steam for 17 minutes and vented 25-30 minutes longer

And finally some Cocoa Brownies

For 1 half sheet pan (lightly greased and lined with parchment)

20 oz       Butter, browned and cooled to creamy consistency

7.5 oz         AP Flour

6  oz        Cocoa Powder, high quality

2 tsp.       Sea Salt

12 oz       Chocolate Chips

6             Eggs

24 oz      Sugar

2             Vanilla Beans, split and scraped


Preheat oven to 350F

Mix Yolks with sugar, and vanilla bean using whisk until pale and fluffy

Mix Flour, Cocoa, Salt, and Chocolate Chips together in a bowl. 

Alternate dry mixture and soft butter into egg mix in 3-4 additions (start and end with flour) 

Pour into pan and level out.  

Bake for 20-25 minutes.  It should puff up a bit and be set but a toothpick inserted should still come out pretty gooey.  


Cool on a rack and then place in fridge to firm up.  

Turn out onto a cutting board and cut with a hot sharp knife.  


Cheers and Happy Baking








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I've had it about two weeks now and so far I'm pretty happy.  As I hoped for it does make a very nice fine flour.  Soft and without grittiness.  But to get this it is not very fast.  I think it took 20 minutes to mill about 3 kilos of hard wheat if memory serves correct.  The flour warms to about 100F which is just fine.  When i do larger millings than that I'll break it up and let the machine cool for 30 minutes between.  The best part is milling range.  I can go as coarse as cracked grain all the way to powdery fluffy flour.  Something the impact mill can't do.   Also the way the machine was built makes it very easy to access the stones and clean or dress if ever needed.  So far so good.  I'll keep you posted as I use it more and more.  

Pic at top is the mill, 100% Whole Wheat with Honey (hybrid), Multigrain Boules, and 50% white wheat tortillas

Here are some of the first loaves made using flour from the Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill

Some sourdough with 12% Fresh Milled Wheat


"Country Bread" from J.H.'s "Bread" (with 7% Wheat and 3% Rye freshly milled

Cheers and Happy Baking



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Or last 2 bakes of the year.  Took a 2 week hiatus from my bread reservation program and put the culture to sleep in the fridge for a week.  It is back out and coming back into it's own but it needs 3-4 days of regular refreshing before it's ready to build a levain.  Should have thought to freeze some bread for the break.  I didn't so I made French Bread based on the Tradition baguette formula incorporating 5% whole Rye for part of the flour.  I made 750g batard's proofed en couche.  i froze a couple as soon as cooled so i could pop em out and have some bread around for the week. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sweet French a la Tradition for 2 750 g Batards

645 g     H20

407 g     Baker's Craft (11.5% protein)

400 g     Central milling AP (10% protein

42 g       Fresh Milled Whole Rye

1 g         Malt

3 g         Instant Yeast

17 g       Sea Salt

Add all to bowl and mix until a soft dough is formed and all ingredients have been well hydrated.  No gluten should be developed.  DDT 73-75F

Bulk 3:00 with folds @ 20,40,60 

Pre-shape, rest 15 minutes, shape to floured couche. 

Proof about 1:00-1:15  

Bake 480 with steam for 17 minutes and vented for 30-35 more.  

Flour       100% (47.5% Baker's Craft, 47.5% AP, 5 % Whole Rye)

H20         76%

Yeast      .3%

Malt         .1%

Salt          2%


These soon ran out and for the last day of the year I put together a hybrid Ciabatta using my spent starter from feeding.  These are based on the formula from my previous work and came out quite fantastic.  


Ciabatta with Levain and Yeast   4 @ 450g 


Stiff Levain   (66% Hydration - 66% White 33% Whole Wheat)  12 hours @ 73F

7g     Seed  

24 g  H20

22 g   AP

11g    Whole Wheat 

65g   TOTAL


Rye Sour  (100% hydration 12 hours @ 73F)

5 g     Seed

26 g   H20

26g    Whole Rye

58g    TOTAL


  Final Dough :   DDT 78F

779 g     H20

892 g    Artisan Baker's Craft (11.5% Protein)

1 g        Malt

2 g        Instant Yeast

22 g      Sea Salt


1)  Autolyse 30 minutes holding back about 5% h20.  Soak yeast in small amount of H20 to dissolve during autolyse. 

2) Add levain, sour, and yeast along with some of the h20 and combine.  Add salt with remaining h20 and mix to a soft dough with little development but all well incorporated into dough.  

3)  Bulk 2:45  Folds @ 20, 40, 1:00, 2:00

4)  Turn out on a well flour board.  Cut into rectangles and give a gentle letter fold.  Place seams down on a well floured couche.  Be sure to also give the loaf a good dusting of flour before going to couche.  

5)  Proof for about 40-50 minutes

6)  Bake 500 with steam for 15 minutes and vented for 20-30 more.  

Flour  100 %  (97% Baker's Craft, 3% Whole Rye)  

            7% PF (4% stiff levain, 3% Rye sour)

H20      87%

Malt     .01%

IDY      .2%

Salt     2.25%


 Cheers and Happy New Year




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SJSD is a wonderful loaf of mildly acidic sourdough with a most excellent crust and a lovely open crumb from a long cold bulk ferment and minimal handling.  It also works very well for me since I'm limited on space in the fridge.  I can reduce the 24-36 hours in a cold fridge and leave at a slightly warmer temp outside overnight.  Right now that is in the high 40's low 50's.  As winter pushes along it will be colder and I simply just mix it earlier in the evening to give it extra time.  When it's warmer in the evenings during summer I mix it a bit later and once I have some room in the fridge in the AM I move it in the tail end of it's bulk. 

I found out Friday that a friend was doing a crab boil for her birthday and decided to make some bread to go with it.  I had to work with my extra starter for my Levain.  I used the same amount of PF as per usual but a bit more than half was stiff wheat and the remainder my rye sour.  Then i got lazy and didn't want to take out the mill for such a small amount of Wheat so I adjusted.  I cut the WW altogether (minus what's in the starter) and decreased some white flour to add 20% overall Central Milling T85.  

The rest went as per usual.  

1 hour autolyse without the cultures.  

Mix in cultures followed by salt to a very soft and undeveloped dough.  

Bulk 1 hour at room temp with 3 folds @ 20,40, and 60 minutes.  

Then outside to the cool evening air for 12 hours.  

Divide, preshape, rest 1 hour.  Shape to lightly floured couche.  

Proof about 50 mintues.  

Baked 500 with steam for 17 minutes and vented for 25-30 minutes longer.  


This might be my best rendition yet.  

Cheers and Happy Healthy Holiday's to All



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A few new loaves have come to fruition.  First is the play on Baguette de Tradition.  Adding cocoa, brown sugar, and chocolate to make a nice Thanksgiving holiday bread.  So good while the crust is crunchy with just some butter or better yet nutella.  Others claim its pairing to goat cheese as a treat as well.  Use semi sweet to keep it kid friendly or go bittersweet for a more adult version.   

A good friend brought me a couple bags of Caputo's fine durum flour and I've wanted to make a nice stirato.  40% Durum Wheat and a slow rise like Pain a la Anciene made for a very tasty loaf.  

Finally a loaf I've been thinking of ever since my first run using whole sprouted rye berries in a loaf.  I love the pop and chew they add.  Plus they allow for a lighter loaf to be loaded with rye.  I decided to put a spin on Pumpernickel using the sprouted berries and molasses and then added a twist from Russian Rye incorporating some bread spice.  And we have Da Funkernikel.  I'm very happy with the results.  

The miche in the background is a play on the Pane Maggiore with increased PF and decreased hydration but I used a softer white flour so it felt pretty similar to its predecessor.  Haven't cut in yet but will soon.  

Cheers and Happy End of the Year, 


Cocoa de Tradition

For 4 Loaves @ 400g

595g         H20 (82%)
711g        Central MIlling AP (from Costco) (98%)
15 g         Fresh Milled Rye (2%)
58g          Cocoa Powder (8%) Good Quality here makes a difference
58g          Brown Sugar (8%)
1g            Diastatic Malt (.1%)
2g            Instant Yeast (.3%)
16 g         Sea Salt (2.2%)
580g        Chocolate (Semi Sweet Chips or Chopped bittersweet pending your liking)
1) Mix all ingredients for a few minutes just til is a nice well formed dough. 5 minutes by hand
2) Bulk 3:00 - Fold @ 20, 40, 60
3) Divide on a floured surface to rough rectangles @ 400 g Place on floured couche tops down
4) Proof 50-60 minutes and prepare oven to 480F with steam setup
5) Flip off couche and bake with steam for 17 minutes and vented about 20 more.


Da Funkernikel (4 loaves @ 750g)

Sprouted Rye:

Soak two-thirds the needed amount in water for 8 hours.  Drain and place in a pan or dish where they will be no more than 1" high.  Cover with moist paper towel and plastic.  Stir as often as you can and keep slightly moist with a spray bottle.  Use when young sprouts begin.

Spice Mix:  Equal Parts fennel seed, caraway, and coriander seed toasted and ground in spice mill.  

Rye Sour:  Let Ferment 12-16 hours @ 73F

133 g         H20

167g          Fresh MIlled Rye

42 g           Refreshed Rye Seed


Dough:  DDT 76F


1000 g     H20

924g        Central Milling Bakers Craft

43g          Fresh Milled Rye

289g        Fresh Milled Hard Red Winter Wheat

29g          Blackstrap Molasses (2%)

4 g           Bread Spice (.3%)

36 g         Sea Salt (2.5%)

361g        Sprouted Rye Berries


Total Flour:      1444 Grams (64% White, 16% Rye, 20% Whole Wheat) 13% PF and 25% Sprouted Rye 

Total H20:        1155 (80%)

Total Dough:    3030 g


1)  Mix Sour and ferment 12-16 hours @ 73F

2) Autolyse 30 minutes holding back 5% H20 for final mix.  DDT 76F

3)  Soften Rye Sour with Molasses and some of the H20 and add to auolyse.  Mix to combine.  5 minutes

4)  Add Salt with remaining H20 and continue to mix to medium development (7-10 minutes)  

5)  Add Sprouted Rye and mix gently until incoroporated

6)  Bulk 2:30 with folds @ 30,60,90 

7) Pre-shape in a soft round, rest 15 minutes and shape to floured bowl.  Retard 12 hours.

8)  Bake 500 with steam for 20 mintues, then vented for 30-40 more.  


And that Miche:

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I often ask for requests but seldom get one.  "Oh whatever you want to make" is the most common.  This time around the lovely lady requested a Sour Wheat bread.  I was thrilled.  I decided I'd build a new formula just for this/her.  And since I'm so happy with the results I thought I'd share.  A note on how my spreadsheet functions.  The
Green row is for Pre ferment 1 and the Red Row is for Pre Ferment 2.  This is the flour it will pull from accounting for the flour in the seed culture.  You may need to adjust slightly to your cultures specs.  I also used all Freshly Milled grains.








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Still baking.  Pretty much got it down to just my once a week routine and the occasional farmer's market.  Every week I offer two varieties.  One that is a levain bread and retarded in form.  One that is baked in a pullman pan and cut into quarters (usually a rye).  And then when I'm in the mood I'll throw in a baguette, rusitque, focaccia, or ciabatta.  

This week I fiddled around with my 70% Rye with Whole Wheat ( to come up with a Raisin Rye.  I went with a pairing of raisins, toasted sesame, and toasted fennel.  A combo I've seen in levain loaves that I thought might be nice as a denser tinned loaf.  I discarded the Whole Wheat for a stronger white flour and followed a Detmolder approach.   The results are so very good.  Plain it has a lovely tang from the staged fermentation with a lovely sweetness that cuts through from the raisins.  The sesame adds a nice nuttiness and the fennel adds a lovely note.  This one is in the books folks.    

Since I'm here this weeks levain loaf was my "Ode to Rubaud".  I've read much about him, watched the youtube videos, and gave his formula a go some time ago.  My results were good but not great.  I needed to adjust my approach as I retard in form and he does not.  My take is more focused on the blend of fresh milled flours and the three build levain.. This time around I decreased my PF from 15% to 13%, added an extended autolyse (4 hours).  I got pretty good results but they may be a tad over fermented.  The lovely three build levain and extended autolyse makes this loaf mildly acidic, sweet, and earthy from the fresh whole grains.  I'll come back to this one soon to find the proper timing.

Hope all is well in everyone's worlds


And here are some pics of the "Ode to Rubaud" from this past bake





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