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Long Time No Post

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Long Time No Post

Hey All, 

I finally started a project and unintentionally ditched the blog.  So much social media work and i had no blogging left.

Thought I'd say hello to any of the folks still hanging around and show some of my work/progress.

I've started my own cottage food operation in the way northern California coast using a reservation based model. Baking twice a week.  All whole grains are milled in house.  The large majority of the breads are naturally leavened but some classics with commercial yeast.  Or combination of both.  But I'm not here to advertise just check in as a peer.  

I owe a lot to this site.  When my obsession took hold this was a place that had tons of information, a place to document what I was doing, and real time like minded people. 

Oven:  Rofco B40

Mill : Jansen 8" stone mill

Mixer : offbrand single speed one direction spiral mixer (hands hurt after a year) 


Here some classic baguettes, NY Rye, pretzels, Sesame Wheat, and Multi Grain Vollkornbrot

Next some Big Bird which is my Spelt Country dough with sunflower, sesame, flax, and poppy seed

And inspired by this page so I left it's name as such

San Joaquin Sourdough with 25% Red Spring California (Yecora Rojo) wheat and 5% rye and a liquid levain

I'll be sure and get back over and share more often than not.  Hope all is well here at TFL


Josh (very new and not totally finished website)

JoshFox Bread @ Facebook

joshfox_bread_ @ Instagram



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So glad to hear from you again Josh!


Looks like you have been busy :).  Happy to see your Baking again.  All your breads look fantastic.

look forward to more posts from you.



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You really have outstanding crumb on those loaves! Wish I could taste them!

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I love the look and the crumb on the different breads .... they look delicious!


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Your breads look beautiful! I  love your choices for the menu. You have a good spread across the whole grain varieties.

There may be Fresh Loafers that want to visit. I don't think there is a problem with a reference to a physical location or website in the midst of posting. Mark Sinclair (a while ago) shared the development of his bakery over several years in Montana and it was a delightful blog. He also posted videos with some of his recipes and even sponsored "interns" from TFL that not only helped him  but also to give them real world experience. Search "mcs" or just his name. I do miss his posts!

Welcome back. A baker is a busy person-often out of sync (timewise) from the rest of the world. Stay in touch!

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Added information on JoshFox Bread below


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Our Crumb

Great to hear from you, Josh. 
No doubt you were baking some fabulous breads somewhere.  Sure enough.  Beautiful work.  Great repertoire of bakes so bold its hard to believe it's a Rofco and not a WFO.
This site owes more to you than vice versa.  I toyed with your old model of bartering bread at a local farmers market a while back.  But no, happy give some to neighbors now and then.
Good luck with the new business model.
Now if we could just pull dabrownman out of the shadows :-(

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Thanks all it's good to see few old faces still here.  I'll certainly make it a point to share more often and some of my formulas with the site. 

I've been in operation since the start of 2016 and I'm pretty much at my capacity of baking as it stands.  The current goal is to push the model into a brick and mortar but I'm very hesitant as I do not want to be a boss or have very much staff at all. I want a few careers to be created with partners of the trade (already in place). (very new and not totally finished website)

JoshFox Bread @ Facebook

joshfox_bread_ @ Instagram