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Last Bake of the Year

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Last Bake of the Year

Or last 2 bakes of the year.  Took a 2 week hiatus from my bread reservation program and put the culture to sleep in the fridge for a week.  It is back out and coming back into it's own but it needs 3-4 days of regular refreshing before it's ready to build a levain.  Should have thought to freeze some bread for the break.  I didn't so I made French Bread based on the Tradition baguette formula incorporating 5% whole Rye for part of the flour.  I made 750g batard's proofed en couche.  i froze a couple as soon as cooled so i could pop em out and have some bread around for the week. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sweet French a la Tradition for 2 750 g Batards

645 g     H20

407 g     Baker's Craft (11.5% protein)

400 g     Central milling AP (10% protein

42 g       Fresh Milled Whole Rye

1 g         Malt

3 g         Instant Yeast

17 g       Sea Salt

Add all to bowl and mix until a soft dough is formed and all ingredients have been well hydrated.  No gluten should be developed.  DDT 73-75F

Bulk 3:00 with folds @ 20,40,60 

Pre-shape, rest 15 minutes, shape to floured couche. 

Proof about 1:00-1:15  

Bake 480 with steam for 17 minutes and vented for 30-35 more.  

Flour       100% (47.5% Baker's Craft, 47.5% AP, 5 % Whole Rye)

H20         76%

Yeast      .3%

Malt         .1%

Salt          2%


These soon ran out and for the last day of the year I put together a hybrid Ciabatta using my spent starter from feeding.  These are based on the formula from my previous work and came out quite fantastic.  


Ciabatta with Levain and Yeast   4 @ 450g 


Stiff Levain   (66% Hydration - 66% White 33% Whole Wheat)  12 hours @ 73F

7g     Seed  

24 g  H20

22 g   AP

11g    Whole Wheat 

65g   TOTAL


Rye Sour  (100% hydration 12 hours @ 73F)

5 g     Seed

26 g   H20

26g    Whole Rye

58g    TOTAL


  Final Dough :   DDT 78F

779 g     H20

892 g    Artisan Baker's Craft (11.5% Protein)

1 g        Malt

2 g        Instant Yeast

22 g      Sea Salt


1)  Autolyse 30 minutes holding back about 5% h20.  Soak yeast in small amount of H20 to dissolve during autolyse. 

2) Add levain, sour, and yeast along with some of the h20 and combine.  Add salt with remaining h20 and mix to a soft dough with little development but all well incorporated into dough.  

3)  Bulk 2:45  Folds @ 20, 40, 1:00, 2:00

4)  Turn out on a well flour board.  Cut into rectangles and give a gentle letter fold.  Place seams down on a well floured couche.  Be sure to also give the loaf a good dusting of flour before going to couche.  

5)  Proof for about 40-50 minutes

6)  Bake 500 with steam for 15 minutes and vented for 20-30 more.  

Flour  100 %  (97% Baker's Craft, 3% Whole Rye)  

            7% PF (4% stiff levain, 3% Rye sour)

H20      87%

Malt     .01%

IDY      .2%

Salt     2.25%


 Cheers and Happy New Year





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These are all great looking white breads.  Crust and crumb are both spectacular - hope they taste as good as they look.  Well done and

Happy Baking in 2015 Josh.

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Not sure about best though.  They did their job and tasted quite good particularly the ciabatta.  I'm not much for simple french loaves I prefer a baguette but when you need some bread for eating it does the job.  

Cheers DAB and Happy New Year


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Wow, Josh! No wonder they went quickly... Awesome!


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Happy New Year, Josh!


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They both look awesome Josh!

Happy New Year..


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Incroyable! SO jealous.  Good eating.



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Really beautiful loaves. Stuff to aspire to!

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They look great. It's funny but I can recognize your scoring now and can pick out your bread by the picture. 


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Gorgeous bake!!

so I replicate ur batard sub it with 150 liquid levain used armarath flour instead of rye and added 5% wheat gem the rest is the same It comes out perfect!!

thank you!! And happy new year !!

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Happy it was a success  




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All look great.  I can imagine that these breads did not last very long.  Love the crust and crumb.  I have never made ciabatta and will have to try some day.  I can only hope to achieve that wonderful crumb.  Congratulations and thanks for sharing.  Happy New Year!  Best,  Phyllis

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is easy and you get that crumb from just flooding the dough from the get go.  Super simple and satisfying.  



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Thanks to all the nice comments